Zephyr brigade emblem
Zephyr was once a prominent Jaeger Corps in western Zemuria of the The Legend of Heroes: Trails series. Led by the Jaeger King, the corps disbands after his demise following a duel with the leader of the Red Constellation, War God.

It is described as a skilled Jaeger Corp claimed as the “strongest” in Western Zemuria alongside the "Red Constellation". Their leader, Rudger Claussell, was once called the "Mercenary Lord", and in a fight against Red Constellation leader Bardur Orlando, who was similarly called "War God", it is said that they both died.

According to Xeno and Leonidas, who Fie reunited with during the Civil War, the current group seems to be taking action to "recover the leader", but their specific plan remains unknown. Rudger is a foster parent to Fie, and it can be said that he was a person who excelled not only in fighting strength, but also in character.

Members ListEdit

Name Weapon Status
Rudger Claussell

(Jaeger King)

Unknown Deceased
Fie Claussell


Twin Gunswords Active/Removed

(Trap Master)

Blade Rifle Scattered


Machine-Gun Gauntlet Scattered
Garcia Ross

(Kiling Bear)

Unknown Defected

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