[[File:|left|22px]]Zemuria Moss[[File:|right|22px]]
Romanji Zemuria Koke
Description A glowing moss gathered from the Kaldia Limestone Cave. It's needed to make a remedy developed by the Septian Church.
Type Key Item
Price N/A
Sell N/A
Purpose To create the Arve Sovereign Serum for Agate's poisoning case during the Factory Incident.
Effect N/A
Found Locations
Other Kaldia Limestone Cave
Exist in Games(s)
Game Appearances Trails in the Sky, Chapter 3

Zemuria Moss is a key item mandatory for Chapter 3 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.


The Moss is a required ingredient for the Arve Sovereign Serum to cure Agate Crosner of his poisoning after shielding Tita Russell in the Carnelia Tower. It is located in the 5th Map of the Kalida Limestone Cave on a pillar, situated central in the room and guarded by a King Penguin.

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