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The region of Zeiss sits on the southwestern part of Liberl Kingdom. Zeiss is one of the known cities of Zemuria which industrializes in orbmental technology.


During the Hundred Days War , Zeiss is one of the regions in Liberl which was captured by the Erebonian forces. Zeiss is the home of the "Father of Orbal Revolution" being Professor Albert Russell and his granddaughter Tita Russell, who is also a main character in the series.




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Trails in the Sky Edit

Agate saves Tita but unfortunately he gets hit by a poisonous bullet shot by the terrorists. Upon exiting the tower, he feels the effects of the bullet which he becomes unconscious and Zane comes to rescue him to get checked by the infirmary of the Central Factory.

Later that evening, Zane leads a group to the Limestone Cave. A cavern housing various penguin enemies. There, they defeat the penguin boss in order obtain a moss that the priest has requested them to get in order to suppress the toxin within Agate's body.

Trails in the Sky SC Edit

Upon touching down in Zeiss. Estelle, Agate, Kloe, Olivier along with the rest of the passengers feel a slight quake. Estelle's team is sent to investigate the tremor issues.which lead to the cave at the back of Elmo Village. There, they confront another member of the society.

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