Water Gate

Water Gate Cabin is a location in The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean.

Background Edit

The sole purpose of the Water Gate is to stop river water from flowing into the Cranka's water way. It is only used when maintenance is required.

Poisonous monsters tend to occupy the underground section of Cranka, which is only accessible when the water gate stops the flow of water. If the monsters are allowed to stay for too long, the water way will be mixed with poison. The Water Gate Operator is the one who eliminates the monsters.

Setting Edit

The water gate is near the merging point of the river and Cranka's water way. The gate itself is made out of strong wood and placed between two stone pillars.

Next to water gate is the operator's cabin. The cabin is built above the river and is equipped with a fishing dock.

Allusions/Trivia Edit

  • The name of the Water Gate Operator is Dorso.

Gallery Edit

Water Gate Cabin

Cabin where the operator lives

Water Gate Fishing Dock (2)

Fishing dock directly next to the cabin

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