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Victor S. Arseid

Victor s arseid sen2

Victor s arseid sen1

Kanji ヴィクター・S・アルゼイド
Rōmaji Biikuta S Aruzeido
True Name
Alias Radiant Blademaster (光の剣匠)
Physical Information
Age 43
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Emerald
Hair Color Deep Blue
Birthplace Legram, Erebonia
Weapon Two-Handed Sword
Relatives Laura S. Arseid (Daughter)
Affiliation Arseid Family
Occupation Viscount (Legram)
Captain (Courageous)
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media
Voice Actor Hiroki Yasumoto (JPN)
Michael McConnohie (NA)
My sword and my power are merely an extension of you.
—Victor's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel II'

Victor S. Arseid is the father of Class VII’s Laura S. Arseid, and head of the Arseid family and successor to its sword-style


A well built man within his 40s, with deep blue hair, a small beard, and emerald eyes. He wears a long over-coat tan ocean blue jacket with white and black separate stripe lining, underneath the jacket is a grey-brown button setup battle vest attach to a light-blue stripe shirt, then has on a dark-violet stripe shirt underneath that, a tied emerald scarf dangling down to his waist. He also wears off a double-belt strap around the waist, tan bare color pants, violet royal style boots, brown gloves. He’s even seen wielding a massive great-sword well crafted and decorated in a royal style whenever he he’s about to engage in a fight.


Shown to be a man who shows he’s both a nobleman, but also one who has great devotion and support of his people. He is kind, caring, wise to see how people are, and offer sage advice. But other times, he can be serious, be it a stern and strict lecturer on those he test their true metal in combat as an instructor would, or when confronting a foe to be equal measure. In many cases, he is shown to be ever calm, collective, keeping a straight face against hostile actions be it democracy or on the battlefield. But one thing is certain, he shows love for his daughter, Laura, seeing her as his precious child that means the world to him, shows he is a caring father, and would make certain her future is a happy one: even to give a talking to in seeing how close Rean was to her.

Character Profile:Edit

Known as the "Radiant Blademaster", Victor is renowned as one of the strongest swordsman in Erebonia. He appears in Trails of Cold Steel as the Viscount of Legram, and later as first captain of the Courageous, a high-speed battle cruiser modeled after the Arseille.

As an ethical man, the Viscount is well-liked among the people of Legram. He values the peace his people have, and he is comfortable protecting that peace, even if that means disappointing superiors.

Like Prince Olivert he is troubled by the conflict between the nobles and the reformists, and in the wake of the Imperial Civil War he and Prince Olivert take to the skies aboard the Courageous. Hoping to provide another perspective to the conflict, they, along with their assembled crew, constitute what is effectively known as the "Crimson Wings".


SKILLS: The man has many skills to be counted on, such as his responsibilities as Viscount that he performs, and leaving someone in charge to handle the work when he’s away. But his known feats is the strength to wield a massive blade so deftly even with just one hand, since he is a master and successor of the Arseid school. The weapon he wields is called: Galland-Sharl, a great sword that’s been passed down in the Arseid family for generation; as it was once wielded by the ancestor of the Arseid house, the second-in-command of the Eisenritter that served the Lance Maiden 250 years ago in the War Of The Lion. But one of the most known things, is that Victor is the known Radiant Blademaster for possessing inhuman strength that he’s well respected by many and feared by his foes, as there are only so few that can fight against him as one of the strongest swordsmen in Ereborian. Even when Rean was using his inner power that he feared so much, Victor managed to keep up with Rean’s increase speed to block his blows even while holding back. As a swordsmen, he seems to have a strong perceptive when sensing something is near…even to almost sense Celine, Emma’s familiar. Victor is also shown to be capable of being captain of the Courageous developed by Prince Oliver. In Cold Steel II, it’s shown that he can go toe-to-toe with Enforcer No. 1: McBurn, who’s strength can match the 7th Anguis of Ouroboros: the Steel Maiden. Even Duvalie The Swift who holds a grudge against the Arseid House, seems to show some form of cautious concern in fighting such an opponent that is more powerful then her while the girl can find herself fighting Laura to be on a safer measurement.

Battle Scope: The Arseid school’’s foremost practitioner known as the Radiant Blademaster. Wields a sword with inhuman strength.

Victor’s Crafts:

-Radiant Spin: Focuses a light blue area of particles around himself, before unleashing a sword spin action all around him while it forms a whirling wave form of wind to cause a large sum of damage.

-Radiant Cleaver: Wielding the great sword in one hand to charge it up in a blue glow to rear it up backwards, before lashing it in a downward strike. Creating a massive light-blue crescent sword beam that cleaves across the ground several meters while inflicting damage on an opponent faraway or close by.

Victor’s S-Craft:

-Radiant Phoenix Slash: Victor charges up his sword with much bright light to appear to extend it’s length, then takes a swing down of many fast image movements. This move will completely knock a target’s HP down to zero. Noted: This move maybe said to be the Radiant Blademaster’s signature technique, as it has quite a surprising effect when others see it in action.


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