Valimar, the Ashen Knight
灰の騎神 ヴァリマール
Grey kishin valimar
Kanji 灰の騎神 ヴァリマール
Rōmanji Hai no Koshin Valimaaru
Type Ancient Knight
Developed from Unknown
Manufactured from Unknown
Affiliation Courageous
Known Captains
Known Crew
Pilot Dreichels Reise Arnor (former)
Rean Schwarzer (current)
Celine (co-pilot)
General Characteristics
Length Height 7-8 arges
Average Speed
Armor Unknown
Armaments Soldat Sword (x1)
Zemurian Katana (x1)
Special Equipment and Features
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III
Other Media

The Ashen Knight, Valimar (灰の騎神 ヴァリマール Hai no Kishin Valimaaru?) is one of the Divine Knights of ancient Erebonian legend. One of the key elements in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy, it awakened from its slumber in the Thors Military Academy's Old Schoolhouse. It was previously awakened by Dreichels Reise Arnor during the War of the Lions, until awakened by Class VII after clearing its trials with Rean Schwarzer as its chosen one.


Background Edit

Trails of Cold Steel Edit

Valimar was sealed away in the 7th floor of the Old School Building, which only became accessible after journeying through the Realm of the Great Shadow. Having cleared the various trials, including defeating Loa Erebonius in its own realm, the final seal revealed an inactive white humanoid the height of a two story building.

Upon its discovery, Principal Vandyke had George Nome investigated the machine, but Georges discovers that the giant knight's highly advanced specs is beyond what current technology can analyze only that it had and internal space for a pilot, and its articulated joints for mobility.

Soon after, Chancellor Osbourne was assassinated igniting the Erebonian Civil War, and the Noble Alliance advanced towards Trista shortly there after. With the majority of Thor's faculty protecting the town, Class VII protects the rear where they battled Scarlet piloting a Spiegel. Managing to take down a Drakkhen unit, they became exhausted and outmatched by the higher specs of Scarlet's Spiegel. Pushed into a crucial corner, Rean heard the mysterious voice again and following it and Celine's guidance, summons Valimar and defeats Scarlet. But in turn, he was outclassed and defeated at the hands of Ordine, another of the Divine Knights, piloted by C.

Celine then ordered Valimar to retreat from the battlefield, with Class VII buying him the time he needed. Despite Rean's protests, Valimar withdrew and flew away to the Eisengard Range as seen in the ending credits.

Trails of Cold Steel II Edit

As recalled from the previous game, Valimar landed in the Eisengard Range, at some distance away from Ymir. Despite its own damage, it prioritized the recovery of its Awakener expending all of its mana on his survival. This process left it inoperable, and Rean Schwarzer awoke a month later at its feet. At this point, Valimar has recovered sufficient mana to begin operating to some degree again. Throughout the story, he begins slowing gaining power and new abilities upon its awakening. With Celine's aid, it assists Rean and his companions by transporting them to various Imperial locations using the Spirit path ability, though each use consumes much mana, leaving it inoperable for about a day. He reveals that the members of Class VII have become secondary contractors and as such can assist Rean during battles.

Over time, as his bond with Rean grows stronger, he begins regaining more of his memories of the past under his previous awakener, Dreichels Reise Arnor. He also begins speaking in a more human-like fashion. When Rean expresses a desire to be more like Dreichels, Valimar tells him that he should be himself.


  • Soldat Sword:
  • Zemurian Katana:

Notes/Trivia Edit

  • Its spiritual AI is voiced by Daisuke Matsubara (Japanese version) and D.C. Douglas (English version).
  • Valimar automatically transfers knowledge of its operations once the Awakener agrees to pilot it.
  • Its solo role to the protagonist and friends is pivotal like the Sky Warrior robot, Susano'o in the Yamato Takeru animation.


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