Towa Herschel
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Kanji トワ・ハーシェル
Rōmaji Towa Hāsheru
True Name
Physical Information
Age 18(CS)
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Lime
Hair Color Sienna
Weapon Orbal Gun
Orbment Earth, Water
Affiliation Thors Military Academy
Courageous (former)
Occupation Student (graduate)
Student Council President (former)
Courageous acting captain
Accounting Division Instructor
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III
Other Media
Voice Actor(s) Ai Nonaka (JP)
Megan Taylor Harvey (US)

Towa Herschel (トワ・ハーシェル Towa Hāsheru?) is a Thors Military Academy student and support character to Class VII in the Cold Steel trilogy in the Trails Series. She was first introduced as the student council president up till graduation in Cold Steel II, where she become the current instructor of the “Accounting Division” (Class IX) of Thors Military Academy Reeves II Campus.


Towa is petite and round-faced, wearing her long brown hair tied in a ponytail and accented with a blue ribbon. For CS1 and CS2, she wears the standard green Thors uniform for commoners, while wearing the student council armband on her left arm. Her uniform is a green blazer with a large white horizontal stripe down the middle when buttoned with a bowtie on the collar. On the bottom half, she wears a light brown plaid skirt, black tights, and brown shoes.

After returning to Thors in CS3, she wears the Thors white instructors' uniform with a short military cadet cap and black gloves.


Towa is universally liked by both students and faculty. She is friendly, kind-hearted, and generous with her time, even though she often finds herself swamped with tasks. Many regard her as a workaholic, and her friends often express concern for her. She is modest and humble despite her academic success and invaluable work ethic.

Character ProfileEdit

A brilliant hard worker who’s won the esteem of aristocrats and commoners alike as a star student and someone with stellar conduct. Towa serves as Thors's student council president and is perpetually busy on one task or another. In spite of her student status, she displayed much resourcefulness when she dealt with the disorder at the Imperial Summer Solstice Festival. At the West Zemuria Trade Conference in Crossbell, she was invited as a staff member, which earned her a highly favorable reputation with the imperial government. During the intensifying civil war, she becomes the acting captain of the Courageous flagship where she displayed her superior commanding capability during the Imperial Capital Liberation.

After the civil war and graduation from Thors, Towa's past contributions become impressive of great service and demand, but remains ascertained for the "Empire's future". She participated in various non-governmental organization (NGO) activities all around the Empire for enlightenment, to sense that the Empire will soon walk an even turbulent path ahead than before. With her Thors honor, she precedes every little step to improve the Empire’s situation and Thors itself, by choosing the path of education and becoming Class IX's instructor at the Reeves Campus. [1]


  • Towa Kokonoe from Tokyo Xanadu bears a strong resemblance to her under the following.
    • Due to her popular characteristics in both being petite and intelligent, Falcom decided to use her character as a cameo by appearance and similar naming.
  • Her last name is a reference to Eartha Herschel from Nayuta no Kiseki. Eartha also resembles Towa and her concern for her brother Nayuta is similar to Towa's concern for Rean.


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