The Tetracyclic Towers are four mysterious towers that are scattered across Liberl. Each of these towers are part of a sidequest that are optional. Each tower has six floors and rises very high above the land.


The Tetracyclic Towers, also known as the Four Ring Towers were constructed long ago by an ancient people that once inhabited Liberl 1200 years ago. When the people of the Liberl Ark, the floating city of these ancients, became corrupted by the technology, they built the towers to seal the Liberl Ark and the Shining Ring away in another dimension.

Esmelas Tower Edit

Main article: Esmelas Tower

The first tower Joshua and Estelle will come across. It lies northwest of Rolent, on the left branching path of Malga Trail. A tree can be found on the fifth floor of the tower. The group will find two children in the tower that they will need to save and escort back to town. The group will then later escort Nial, a reporter and Dorothy, his camerawoman to the tower.

Amberl TowerEdit

Main article: Amberl Tower

This is the second tower the Joshua and Estelle should come across. It lies south of Bose. Professor Alba will be found at the top of the tower, in need of rescuing.

Sapphirl Tower Edit

This is the third tower that the group will come across in their travels. The tower is located in the eastern area of the Ruan region, overlooking the Azelea Bay.

Carnelia TowerEdit

The fourth tower that the group will find. The tower is located in the central region of Zeiss in the northern areas of the Tratt Highlands.

Trails in the Sky SCEdit

Large black globes have appeared, engulfing the top of each Tetracyclic Tower. In addition, Ouroboros had placed a strange barrier or aura around the entrance of the towers. When the group would step through, they would find themselves in a strange place filled with floating crystals and a maze with paths both high and low. The maze contained creatures never before seen by them and the group would come across pyramids that contained worn out messages. When the group reaches the top of the towers, they must confront a member of Ouroboros (BlBlanc, Walter, Lucciola, Renne) and discover that they were using a Gospel set into them, which was causing the black globes and the aura. The Gospels would seemingly "deactivate" by the time the group would reach the top, when actually each Ouroboros member had finished with it.

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