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This tab indexes all the Orbal Arts available within the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. Those in italics and brackets represent the new arts introduced per game within the series.

Arts Index
Earth Water Fire Wind
Needle Shoot Aqua Bleed Fire Bolt Air Strike
Earth Lance Frost Edge Heat Wave Spark Arrow
Grand Press Hydro Cannon Flame Tongue Aerial
Yggdrasil Crystal Flood Volcanic Rain Judgement Bolt
Ancient Glyph Maelstrom Flare Bomb Ragna Vortex
Earth Pulse Tear Purgatorial Flame Breath
Crest Teara Impassion Holy Breath
La Crest Tearal Heat Up Recuria
Adamantine Shield Thelas Forte
Athelas La Forte
Curia (CS2)
Time Space Mirage Lost Arts (CS2)
Soul Blur Golden Sphere Luminous Ray Grail Burst
Demonic Scythe Dark Matter Silver Thorn Sol Eruption
Grim Butterfly Cross Crusade Phantom Phobia Artemis' Tear
Shadow Blade Altair Cannon Claiomh Solarion Tempestuous Roar
Chrono Drive Fortuna Analyze Lost Eden
Chrono Break Shining Saintly Force
Chrono Burst Seraphic Ring Crescent Mirror

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