Fire is one of the seven types of Sepith found in the Trails Series. Fire sepith are used in the construction of quartz with generally offensive purposes. Most Fire Arts can cause Burn.

List of Fire QuartzEdit

Quartz # of Elements Location Price Effect
Attack1 Firex1 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 20 Fire Sepith STR+5%
Attack2 Firex3 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 200 Fire Sepith STR+10%
Attack3 Firex5 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 800 Fire Sepith STR+15%
Attack4 Firex8 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 300 Fire Sepith STR+12% DEF-7%
Attack5 Firex12 Liberl Ark Phantasma Altars 1000 Fire Sepith STR+15 DEF-9%
Seal Firex3 Orbal Factory Phantasma Altars 50 Fire Sepith 10% Chance to Seal enemies with attack.
Confuse Firex3 Orbal Factory 50 Fire Sepith 10% Chance to confuse enemies with attack
Strike Firex3 Junior Bracer Level 4 Reward Phantasma Altars N/A 10% Chance to land critical attack

Fire ArtsEdit

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