Lying right outside town north of Quitt, the Scotia Shrine (スコティアの祠 Sukotia no Hokora?) is the dwelling place of the Spirit called Scotia. It is an underground maze filled illuminated by flickering torches, brazers and lamps. Doors open to various parts of the shrine. There are multiple sublevels, with Scotia found on the bottom floor. It is here where Avin must fight the corrupted spirit and rescue the shrine's guardian Lita.

Avin must descend into the shrine where Borgeid has taken Lita. There he encounters various monsters he must fight before confronting Borgeid and the deformed and corrupted spirit of Scotia. Borgeid uses a transfer spell and the fight ensues with the spirit. After the battle, Avin is rewarded with Dellepied by the now cleansed Scotia and rescues Lita.

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