Schwarz Drache Barrier

Schwarz Drachm Barrier (黒竜関 Koku Ryun Kan?) in Trails of Cold Steel II acts like a fortress for the Provincial Army to head their attack against Class VII or anyone who oppose them. Rean's team comes here to investigate, though there isn't much to see at the moment. The battle against Angelica Rogner and her father takes place here. Along with Rean's final match with Vulcan.

The player can access Schwarz Drache Barrier via the Roer's Nortia Highway 3 and by the location pointer via the Courageous. It's also here that they can recruit Magarita, the girl who has set her eyes on Vincent, a 2nd year student of Thors.


  • "Schwarz Drache" is German for Black Dragon.

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