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Kanji ルーファス・アルバレア
Rōmaji Rūfasu Arubarea
True Name
Alias(es) Rook of Jade (翡翠の城将)
Physical Information
Age 27(CS)
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Cyan
Hair Color Blonde
Weapon Knight Sword
Relatives Helmut Albarea (father)
Jusis Albarea
(younger brother)
Affiliation Thors Military Academy
Noble Alliance
Occupation Board Member
General Staff Tactician
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel, II
Other Media
Voice Actor(s) Daisuke Hirakawa (JP)
D.C. Douglas (NA)
The Lion War is back with a vengeance and I’m leaving it to you all to work in the shadows of it.
—Rufus, Trails of Cold Steel II

Rufus Albarea is the eldest son and heir to the Albarea noble household in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. He is also the older brother of his half-brother, Jusis.


A young man, physically fit with blonde hair with one pony tail curl around to rest on his left shoulder, & has light blue eyes. He wears a tan light-green robe uniform with a brown belt, gold buttons seen on the front & sleeve wrist. Wearing underneath that, is a white long-sleeve dress shirt, companied by a light and dark magenta color scarf place inside with a jewel pin on the front center. Also wearing tan brown pants along with tan bronze color boots. He also wears a dark-gray cape stretch down to the back ankles which was attach to his outfit by a pin & line threads spread across the chest from the right to the left, and then down beneath the arm; there is also a shoulder pad on the right side as well for a noble appeal feature which it’s attach by a belt from left to right around the waist, plus the cape is also attach by the left shoulder spot. Appearance alone, he looks like a noble with a handsome, charming man to project both intelligence and kindness, a personality most befitting of one’s stature, etiquette, and reputation. 


From his fine upbringing and those that have taught him and given excellent advice from Baron Teo Schwarzer and Governor Regnitz, Rufus has become a noble of much respect and recognition. He has modesty, patience, well-mannered attitude, and knows how to have a pleasant conversation with someone from a high-class of society. He is difficult to hate in the public’s eye, as he shows a charming and respectful attitude towards both nobles and commoners. He also believes he has responsibilities to act properly as a noble, and has shown an ability to properly handle situations and find solutions. He is well respected by most who know him, including his father, who holds him in high esteem. However, he does show a teasing side towards his younger brother Jusis, sometimes able to lightly toy and build humor of nothing of anything bad, which is how Jusis finds himself not being annoyed by his older brother and shows much gratitude as they share a close bond. But Rufus can also be quite thorough in organization, showing skill in coordination of many parties.


Rufus is one of the most prominent figures within the Four Great Noble Families, dominating high society conversations alongside Prince Olivert. Well-trusted by his younger brother, Jusis, he also happens to be fencing instructor at the imperial court. He works at the Thors Military Academy as an able member of the board of directors, candidly able to mingle with commoners better than most aristocrats would. Nevertheless, as someone deemed to exist at the very center of the aristocracy, reformists regard him as a dangerous element that must be watched over carefully.

In order to reestablish the imperial social order that places commoners under the rule of aristocrats, he joins Duke Cayenne as General Staff Tactician for the Noble Faction in their aim to control Erebonia.


In Trials Of Cold Steel II: Rufus has shown to be a skill talent for being a tactician when promoted to Chief of Staff in the Noble Alliance. Rufus can display a powerful light blue battle aura while getting into a perfect guard position with no openings, thanks to him being a master of court fencing. It's noted that he might be even stronger then Sara, and was shown capable of facing off the nine members of Class VII during Rean's absence to face Crow in their Divine Knights, dealing a blow on Grianos and injuring the Second Anguis of Ouroboros: Vita Clotilde, the 'Azure Abyss'. He wields a noble sword with a golden hilt as the sword is widely size with an arrowhead-shape on the edge, & with decorative style for nobles.

Battle Scope Information: Eldest son of the Albarea family, and the alliance’s chief of staff. Highly skilled at court fencing.

Rufus Albarea's Crafts:

-Soul Slicer: Rufus approaches before rearing his blade back, before thrusting a bright emerald blade form in landing multiple thrusts before rearing his weapon back & then slashing at the opponent when dashing pass them.

-Arc Blade: He gathers an emerald light around his blade, then spin rotates to strike a large wave across all opponents in a whirlwind formation in an elegant manner.

Rufus Albarea's S-Craft:

-Eternal Ruination: Rufus gathers a magical force in his free left hand to hurl it outwards, trapping his targets in a magical emerald orb sphere. Then by grasping that left hand that swirls with much focus, causes a dark impulse within the sphere to plunge it downwards. Then Rufus unleashes three separate slash strikes from his blade, hurling massive size jet forces that impact the sphere. Then grasping the left hand in charging emerald color electricity, emerald lightning strikes from all sides to cause it to almost break in half, but then shatters into triangle pieces all before it brightly flashes out of existence. This causes a massive blow of damage enough to knock one’s HP down to zero.


  • In Trials Of Cold Steel II, an event happens during a Boss fight against Rufus. Survive the first encounter against Rufus to lower his HP down enough to earn 3 AP before story continues from Class VII facing such an opponent. If not, a different play out will occur.

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