Trails in the Sky the 3rd

Name Description CP Cost Level
Chain 2 + 3 Area (M (2)> L(3))
Cooperation attacks with your party member(s).
20 2 (Default)
3 (129)
Blood Circle 2
ブラッドサークル II
Attack - Area (M), K.O. 10%
A spinning attack that hits foes in a wide area.
30 Default
Calamity Throw
Attack - Line, K.O. 10%
Throws her scythe, rending foes in its path.
25 Default
Calamity Throw 2
カラミティスロウ II
Attack - Line, K.O. 10%
Uses centrifugal force to increase throwing damage.
25 124
S-Craft Description Level
Attack - Area (M), K.O. 50%
Cuts through enemy ranks, taking the lives of foes.
Attack - Line (L)
Summons Pater-Mater which annihilates all with its cannons.
Star Door 10

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