Red constellation emblem

The Red Constellation (赤い星座 Akai Seiza?) is a Jaeger corps that operated in western Zemuria.


Long-time adversary of the Zephyr Brigade, the Red Constellation was considered to be extremely skilled and to have no other equal. After some time, the two corps' leaders settled their disputes with a duel, where both fell.

It is unknown what became of the Constellation after this event, but their rival's corps disbanded after its leader's death.

List of Known MembersEdit

Name Nickname Customized Weapon Status
Bardur Orlando 闘神 (War God) ??? Deceased
Sigmund Orlando 赤の戦鬼 (Crimson War Phantom) Dual Bisentos Active
Randolph Orlando 闘神の息子 (Son of the War God)
赤い死神 (Crimson Reaper)
Berserger (Blade Rifle) Defected
Shirley Orlando 血染めのシャーリィ (Bloody Shirley) Testarossa (Chainsaw Rifle) Active
Garreth 閃撃 (Flash Strike?) Sniper Rifle Active
Zachs Great Sword Active
Minnes Defected


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