Rean Schwarzer
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Kanji リィン・シュバルツァー
Rōmaji Rin Shubarutsuaa
True Name
Alias(es) Graue Ritter (灰色の騎士)
Ashen Chevalier
Ashen Awakener (灰の起動者)
Physical Information
Age 17-18 (CS1-CS2)
20 (CS3)
Date of Birth S.1187
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Light Fuchsia (Normal)
Stiletto Red (Awakened)
Hair Color Black (Normal)
White (Awakened)
Weapon Tachi
Relatives Elise Schwarzer (younger sister)
Teo Schwarzer (adoptive father)
Lucia Schwarzer (adoptive mother)
Giliath Osborne (biological father)
Orbment Time, Fire
Affiliation Class VII
Thors Military Academy
TMA - Reeves II Campus
Occupation Student (graduated)
Resistance Leader
New Class VII Instructor
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III
Other Media Trails of Cold Steel (Comic)
Akatsuki no Kiseki (event cameo)
Voice Actor(s) Kouki Uchiyama (JP)
Sean Chiplock (EN)
Thors Academy Emblem Schwarzer Baron Emblem Thors Academy - Reaves Emblem CS3 Class VII- Special Duties

Rean Schwarzer is the lead protagonist of Cold Steel trilogy, and one of the main protagonists of the Trails Series. He is a member and unofficial leader of Thors Military Academy's Class VII, and the adopted son of Baron Teo Schwarzer, and unique for having been raised a noble, despite not inheriting any noble blood. After the events of Cold Steel II, he becomes Erebonia's civil war hero renowned as the "Ashen Chevalier".


Rean is a young man with unkempt blue-black hair and light fuchsia eyes. His hair remains the same style for the duration of the trilogy. Despite appearing slightly different, the developers stated that it is the clothes which make him appear that way. In his summer uniform, he wear a right-handed fingerless glove (bought from Alisa)[1]

In Trails of Cold Steel, he wears the standard special Thors Military Academy crimson uniform for his class, consisting of the blazer style as differentiated from Elliot and Gaius.

In Trails of Cold Steel II, Rean wears some casual clothes as his civil war outfit. It consists of a red jacket with a black shirt underneath, blue jeans with a belt, and brown boots.

In Trails of Cold Steel III, Rean wears the Reeves instructor's uniform in the style of a long white overcoat while sporting some black clothing underneath in honor of his late rival and friend Crow Armbrust.

Personality Edit

Rean has a positive, friendly attitude and a tendency to help people in need. His classmates and friends often describe him as a leader, but he constantly rejects those claims. He is highly knowledgeable when it comes to sword arts, and has good instincts, which are usually displayed during the class field trips. He always put others before himself, to the point where Jusis has claimed this aspect of him as "abnormal."

Despite seemingly putting on a happy front, he feels that he's never good enough, and decides to distance himself from his family because he fears he's a burden to them. He has described himself as a droput of the Eight Leaves One Blade style, which initially dismayed Laura. Victor claims he is constantly holding back when fighting. This complex stems from his ogre form, which Rean initially struggles to control but eventually learns to comes to grip with.

He deeply cares about his sister and has stated that he won't just let "any man be with her." Despite this, he is completely oblivious to her feelings for him. He is surprisingly competitive, and enjoys fishing and snowboarding.

Character BondEdit

As the primary main character, Rean becomes involved with establishing relationships with any of the playable party characters within the limited free periods throughout the story.

Character Profile Edit


  • He is the first Trails protagonist who wields the katana, and trains by the renowned Eight Leaves One Blade style in the series franchise.
  • Rean does not join any club, though he does help the student council with general affairs. He is, however, unofficially part of the fishing club's activities, as optional to the player.
  • Rean's appearance and personality is similar to that of Ichika Orimura, a character from Infinite Stratos, both who share the same Japanese voice actor, Kouki Uchiyama.
  • The name Schwarzer in German means "the black one".
    • A second name used in German-speaking countries, except for Rean, the names of his family members also have German origin and the Japanese version pronunciation is also closer to German than to English or other languages.
  • Like Joshua Bright, both are adopted orphans whose origins are to-be-revealed in the series' community.


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