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Rean Schwarzer
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Rean Schwarzer CS3

Rean schwarzer sen2

Rean Schwarzer

Kanji リィン・シュバルツァー
Rōmaji Rinn Shubarutwaa
True Name
Alias Ash Knight (灰色の騎士)
Physical Information
Age 17-18 (CS 1-CS 2)
20 (CS 3)
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Light Fuchsia (Normal)
Stiletto Red (Awakened)
Hair Color Black (Normal)
White (Awakened)
Weapon Katana
Relatives Elise Schwarzer (adoptive younger sister)
Teo Schwarzer (adoptive father)
Lucia Schwarzer (adoptive mother)
Giliath Osbourne (biological father)
Orbment Time, Fire
Affiliation Class VII
Thors Military Academy
Reeves Campus
Occupation Student (graduated)
Resistance Leader
Special Duties Instructor
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III
Other Media Sen no Kiseki (manga)
Voice Actor Kouki Uchiyama (JPN)
Sean Chiplock (NA)

"We’re newcomers all the same. Let’s sweat and improve together as friends."
Rean, Trails of Cold Steel III

"We'll cut our own path."
Rean, Trails of Cold Steel II

Rean Schwarzer is the unofficial leader of Class VII and the main protagonist of the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy of the Legend of Heroes franchise. He is the adopted son of Baron Teo Schwarzer, and unique for having been raised a noble, although he does not have noble blood himself.


Rean is a tall young teenage with unkempt black hair and average built height.

In Trails of Cold Steel, he wears the standard Thors Military Academy uniform for his class.

During Trails of Cold Steel II, he wears a red jacket with a black shirt underneath, blue jeans with a belt, and brown boots. Rean's casual outfit is a red jacket with a white long sleeved shirt underneath.

Now in Trails of Cold Steel III, Rean wears a long white overcoat while sporting some black clothing underneath in honor of his late rival Crow Armbrust.

Personality Edit

Rean has a positive, friendly attitude and often helps people in need. His classmates and friends would often say he has a leader-like personality to which he declines. While maintaining his neutral outpost, Rean can sometimes be oblivious to other girls' affection for him (especially Alisa's crush on him and Elise's brother complex).

Character Profile Edit

Background Edit

Abandoned in the snow as a child, Rean was found and adopted by Baron Teo Schwarzer and his family. Rean doesn't have any recollection of life before adoption. It's unknown whether he's originally a commoner or a noble, a fact that ostracizes the Schwarzer family from the noble society. Despite not being blood-related, the Schwarzer family has raised and loved him like a real son regardless being ostracized from the other nobles.

Trails of Cold Steel I Edit

Year 1, Class VII, Unaffiliated

A young man who is part of Class VII. Easygoing, honest, polite, and sociable.

  1. Secret: Achieved beginner rank in the Eight Leaves One Blade school. He is also the adopted son of Ymir's Baron Schwarzer.
  2. Devoted Brother: He has a non-blood-related younger sister, Elise, who attends St. Astraia. Very dedicated to her.
  3. Power: Rean occasionally exhibits a beast-like power when he loses control of himself. He has feared that since he was a child.

Trails of Cold Steel II Edit

Year 1, Class VII, Unaffiliated

The Ashen Knight's Awakener. Adopted son of Baron Schwarzer. Intermediate level at the Eight Leaves One Blade style.

  1. Departure: He resolved to travel the Empire in order to reunite with his classmates and rescue Elise and Princess Alfin.
  2. Spirit Unification: Speaking with Princess Alfin, he finally realized what he lacked and learned to control the ogre power within him.
  3. Famous Hero: After the war ended, he became known as the Ashen Chevalier, the hero who helped to end the war.


  • Rean does not join any one club, though he does help the student council with general affairs. He is, however, unofficially part of the fishing club's activities, though these are optional on the player's part.
  • Rean's appearance and personality is similar to that of Ichika Orimura, a character from Infinite Stratos, who shares the same Japanese voice actor, Kouki Uchiyama, as Rean.
  • Schwarzer is German and means "the black one", it's also a second name in German speaking countries (except for Rean the names of his family members are also used in Germany and the Japanese version pronunciation is also closer to German than to English or other languages)

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