Remiferia Emblem

Remiferia's national emblem

The Principality of Remiferia (レミフェリア公国 Remiferia Koukoku?) is a monarchical autonomous state located northeast of Zemuria. It becomes one of the main accessible game locations in The Legend of Heroes: Akatsuki no Kiseki.

History Edit

In S.1199, the current monarch, Prince Albert von Bartholomeus was enthroned. In August S.1204, Prince Albert comes to Crossbell State to attend the West Zemuria Trade Conference as Remifiria's representative.


Remiferia is renowned to the most medically advanced state of the continent, whereas its inhabitants are motivated to inquire medical knowledge to survive the harsh and cold climate. Every citizen is implied to have a medical degree as a dual status to their background.


The most admirable feature is the state's springfield landscape, making it popular for tourism.


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  • Seirand Inc.: The leading manufacturer of medical equipment across the continent.
  • St. Ursula Medical College: A medical institute located in Crossbell State, where the foundation is co-sponsored by Crossbell's mayor and the prince of Remiferia. All the medical equipment and staff is financed by Remiferia.


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  • The nation's embolic symbol is the reindeer.


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