Car color custom ao

The Orbal Car customization menu in Ao no Kiseki

The Orbal Car (導力車 Douryoku Kuruma?) is an automobile powered by orbal technology.

Capable of transporting people or goods over terrain easily, this piece of machinery is one of the driving forces behind industrial progress following the Orbal Revolution.



Orbal Cars are produced in numerous styles.

Custom PartsEdit

All car parts can be purchased at Orbal Store "Genten", Crossbell City; available during Chapter 2 and so forth.

Car Parts Price Notes
HP Charger 100 Recovers all of your party's HP
EP Charger 1000 Recovers all of your party's EP
CP Charger 10000 Fills all of your party's CP to 200
Over Defender 2000
Side Step 2000
Rear Spoiler 2000
Front Bumper 2000
Patrol Lamp 2000
Reinforced Wheels 2000

Paint JobsEdit

Color Given Item Details



  • In the EVOLUTION remake, 10 more designs are added.

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