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Orbal Arts, or Arts for short, are a system of techno-magical abilities utilized and observed widely throughout the Trails universe.


Arts appear in a variety of forms and have a multitude of purposes. They can be used to mend wounds, set fires, or even turn the hands of time.

Most living beings are capable of using them, though not all do. Humans require what is known as a Battle Orbment to do so, and they must also have sufficient Energy Points.

Arts must also be incanted, and they are usually only cast in battle, though they may be used at other times, like after an encounter to restore lost health.


Orbal Arts are a result of the invention of orbments, which were created during the Orbal Revolution in approximately S.950 by Professor Epstein.

Arts draw on the power of sepith, and in the case of battle orbments, the Quartz that are slotted into those orbments. Modern battle orbments, such as the ARCUS, are produced by the Epstein Foundation for military and civilian use.

Arts ListEdit

Generally an Art can be placed into a group, or type, that is representative of the kinds of sepith used to power it. An Art may use a combination of several different sepith, or only one; Tear uses Water sepith, for example.

Here is a list of all Arts in the Trails Series series, sorted into tables by type.

  • Note that any Arts in the tables below will be found under their most recent type - that is, if an Art was Water in an earlier game but is now Wind it will be found in the Wind table.
    • Accordingly, if an Art has remained in the same type but its other parameters have changed (effect, cost) then the information shown will be from the latest iteration of the Art. Please visit the appropriate page for game-specific information on an Art.


Typically defensive Arts in nature, they either enhance the DEF stat or grant immunity to physical attacks altogether. It is one of the weaker types offensively, though it can cause near-deadly Petrification.

Earth Arts
Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Earth Pulse......Cold Steel II
Earth WallImmunity from one attack (small area)30Ao no Kiseki
Titanic RoarDamage (all enemies)50...
Earth LanceDamage (single target)20Cold Steel II
Needle Shoot......Cold Steel II
Petrify BreathDamage and 20% chance to Petrify (single target)30Trails in the Sky SC
Stone HammerDamage (single target)10Trails in the Sky SC
Stone ImpactDamage (medium area)50...
Earth GuardImmunity from one attack (one ally)...Trails in the Sky SC
CrestIncreases DEF by 25% for four turns (one ally)...Cold Steel II
La CrestIncreases DEF]] by 25% (medium area)...Cold Steel II
Adamantine ShieldPhysical Immunity for one attack...Cold Steel II
Grand Press......Cold Steel II
Yggdrasil......Cold Steel II


A primarily offensive type, Arts from this group can Burn opponents, or increase the STR stat. There are few supportive Arts in the group, besides Heat Up, which can cure Stat Down and restore 10 CP, and Impassion, which grants CP Regen.

Fire Arts
Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Volcanic Rain......Cold Steel
Fire BoltDamage (single target)...Cold Steel II
Flare ArrowDamage (single target)20...
Napalm BreathDamage (single target)40Trails in the Sky SC
Fire Bolt EXDamage (medium area)20Trails in the Sky SC
Spiral FlareDamage (medium area)30Trails in the Sky SC
Volcanic RaveDamage (medium area)50Trails in the Sky
ForteIncreases STR by 25% for three turns (one ally)...Cold Steel II
La ForteIncreases STR by 25% for three turns (area)...Cold Steel II
Flare Bomb......Cold Steel II
ImpassionGrants CP Regen for three turns (one ally)...Cold Steel II
Purgatorial Flame......Cold Steel II
Heat UpCures Stat Down and restores 10 CP (large area)...Cold Steel II


A "mixed-bag" of an Arts type, it is one of the "higher" elements, as mentioned in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Chapter 3, and not easily counterbalanced, like Fire and Water, or Earth and Wind.

Some of its Arts are extremely powerful, like Crescent Mirror, which can grant an Arts-reflecting buff for whomever it is cast on. Others, like Silver Thorn, can cause Confusion - a potent status effect.

Mirage Arts
Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Chaos BrandDamage and Confuse (one enemy)10Trails in the Sky SC
Claiomh Solarion......Cold Steel II
Crescent Mirror......Cold Steel II
Luminous Ray......Cold Steel II
Phantom PhobiaDeals damage and causes a random Status Effect (large area)...Cold Steel II
Silver Thorn......Cold Steel II
SaintIncreases STR and DEF by 25% for 4 turns (one ally)40Trails in the Sky SC
Saintly Force......Cold Steel II
ZodiacIncreases STR and DEF by 25% for 4 turns (all allies)240Trails in the Sky SC


Another powerful type, it excels in several ways. Notably, it is proficient at causing status effects, restoration, or damage over a large area.

One significant Art in the family is Seraphic Ring, which can revive all allies, heal them fully, and grant 30% HP Regen for four turns.

Space Arts
Name Effect EP Cost Latest Appearance
Altair Cannon......Cold Steel II
Cross Crusade......Cold Steel II
Dark Matter......Cold Steel II
FortunaIncreases ATS and [[ADF by 25% for 4 turns (medium area)...Cold Steel
Golden Sphere......Cold Steel II
Shining......Cold Steel II
Seraphic RingFully revives and/or heals allies, grants 30% HP (four turns)400Cold Steel


Another of the "higher" elements, its Arts affect the pacing of battle quite literally - they can be used to Delay targets, hasten allies, or grant additional turns. Some of these Arts can also cause Faint, Nightmare, or Sleep.

With such a vast amount of utility, this type often provides a source of magical damage for physical attackers.

Time Arts
Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Anti-Sept......Trails in the Sky SC
Anti-Sept All......Trails in the Sky SC
Clock UpIncreases SPD by 25% for 4 turns (one ally)10Trails in the Sky SC
Clock Up EXIncreases SPD by 50% for 4 turns (one ally)30Trails in the Sky SC
Soul Blur......Cold Steel II
Grim Butterfly......Cold Steel II
Demonic Scythe......Cold Steel II
Chrono Break......Cold Steel II
Chrono Burst......Cold Steel II
Chrono Drive......Cold Steel II
Shadow BladeRestores 5% of damage dealt to HP...Cold Steel II
Shadow SpearDamage with 20% chance to K.O. (single target)20Trails in the Sky SC
Hell GateDamage with 20% chance to Faint (small area)30Trails in the Sky
White GehennaDamage with 20% chance to Faint (medium area)40Trails in the Sky


Primarily used for recovery. While there are some damaging Arts in the group, in more recent games the amount of HP restored by Tear (and others) is largely dependent on ATS, thus most users of recovery Arts will have high ATS and can make use of damaging Arts in other types. Of the offensive Arts in the family, some may cause the Frozen status effect with a low probability.

Water Arts
Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
TearRestores a small amount of HP (one ally)20Cold Steel II
Teara...60Cold Steel II
Tearal......Cold Steel II
La Tear......Trails in the Sky SC
La Teara......Trails in the Sky SC
Thelas......Cold Steel II
Athelas......Cold Steel II
Aqua BleedDamage (single target)10Trails in the Sky SC
BlizzardDamage with 20% chance to Freeze (all enemies)150Trails in the Sky SC
Blue ImpactDamage (single target)20Trails in the Sky SC
Diamond DustDamage with 20% chance to Freeze (small area)40Trails in the Sky SC
Maelstrom......Cold Steel II
Crystal Flood......Cold Steel II
Hydro Cannon......Cold Steel II
Frost Edge......Cold Steel II
CuriaCures all status effects except for K.O. (one ally)...Cold Steel II
La CuriaCures all status effects except for K.O. (medium area)30Trails in the Sky SC


Perhaps the most varied of the classical elements, its Arts can be used to recover health, increase EVA, cause the Seal or Blind status effect, or deal damage. Despite the varied applications, it does not see widespread use due to being a "jack-of-all trades".

Wind Arts
Name Effect Cost Latest Appearance
Air StrikeDamage (single target)...Cold Steel II
AerialDamage (medium area)...Cold Steel II
Aero StormDamage (large area)40Trails in the Sky
LightningDamage and 20% chance to Seal (line)...Cold Steel
Plasma WaveDamage with 20% chance to Seal (line)50...
Judgment Bolt......Cold Steel II
Ragna Vortex......Cold Steel II
Slyphen Guard...10Trails in the Sky SC
Slyphen Wing...30Trails in the Sky SC
Spark Arrow......Cold Steel II
Breath......Cold Steel II
Holy Breath......Cold Steel II
RecuriaCures all status effects except for K.O. (one ally)...Cold Steel II

Lost ArtsEdit

Main article: Lost Art

Another form of Art is the Lost Art. Ancient and extremely powerful, these Arts appear in only a few games of the series and require several conditions to be met before they can be utilized

Name Effect Art Access
Artemis' Tear Equip the Clear Moon quartz in an appropriate orbment slot
Grail Burst Equip the Glimmering Star quartz in an appropriate orbment slot
Lost Eden Equip the Divine Salvation quartz in an appropriate orbment slot
Sol Eruption Equip the Searing Sun quartz in an appropriate orbment slot
Tempestuous Roar Equip the Roaring Dragon quartz in an appropriate orbment slot

Master ArtsEdit

Master Arts are specific to Ao no Kiseki, and are unlocked once a Master Quartz reaches level 5.

Name Effect Master Quartz

EX ArtsEdit

Main article: EX Arts

EX Arts are those that can be used by secondary contractors during a Divine Knight battle. While not quite like traditional arts, they are listed here for convenience's sake.

Name Effect Contractor
Alisa Reinford
Elliot Craig
Emma Millstein
Fie Claussell
Gaius Worzel
Jusis Albarea
Laura S. Arseid
Burst Drive Machias Regnitz
Sara Valestein

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