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Operation: Dragon Capture is a joint operation initiated by the Royal Army and Bracer Guild to prevent an enraged Ragnard, influenced by a Gospel unit embedded on its forehead, from wreaking havoc across the rest of Liberl.

Background Edit

Before the events of Chapter 5 in Trails in the Sky SC, Weissmann and Leonhardt traveled to the farthest reaches of the Nebel Valley to visit a slumbering guardian known as Ragnard, estimated to be 1,200 years old. As part of their Gospel experiments, they tried manipulating his will using a Gospel unit.

During the events of Chapter 5, as Estelle Bright's group reports to the Bose guild branch about the three monsters they've exterminated, the city came under attack by Ragnard, manipulated by Leonhardt using the Gospel. Its hard landing destroyed the roof of the Bose Market, injuring Mayor Maybelle's aid Lila in the process. Seeking to settle his personal score, Agate chases the dragon as it flew northwest. Estelle and the rest of the gang mounted an immediate rescue effort to save those pinned under the rubble. Eventually, Royal Army units from the Haken Gate arrived to support the rescue.

Moments later, the group received word that Ravennue Village was hit, as the dragon torched its signature orchards. After learning about Agate's whereabouts, Estelle's group proceeded to the clearing beyond the abandoned mine where they saw Agate engaging Leonhardt in melee combat. Weighed down by his past, however, Agate was easily defeated by the Bladelord. An attack airship under General Morgan's command arrived and attacked the dragon with its batteries, but they barely dented Ragnard's thick hide. The dragon shrugged off the insult and flew away with Leonhardt.

The Operation Edit

With the rest of Liberl at risk of Ragnard's fury, General Morgan came up with a plan to suppress the dragon, known as Operation: Dragon Capture. A total of 12 ships, two-fifths of Liberl's current aerial fleet, was involved in the operation, with the Arseille as the command ship. Eight scout ships served as early warning stations with their long-range radar, covering all of Liberl.

Within minutes, the station in Rolent airspace detected the dragon, just above the Malga Mine. Two airships gave chase, firing tranquilizer darts in hopes of taking down the dragon non-lethally. General Morgan ordered four attack ships from Leiston Fortress to meet the dragon at the river delta draining from Rolent to Valleria Lake, as the ships in pursuit attempted to lure it there. As all ships converged on the rendezvous point (including the warning stations from other regions), the trap had been sprung and the dragon was showered with tranquilizer darts from four attack ships. Ragnard crashed harmlessly into the lake.

But they soon realized that the Gospel had been embedded onto the dragon's forehead. Upon activation, the dragon attacked three airships in flight with fire and took to the skies again. The Arseille gave chase at high speed but can't get a lock with its guided missiles due to the Gospel's influence. Ragnard descended below the clouds and into Nebel Valley. Due to heavy cloud cover, the Arseille is unable to follow.

It fell onto Estelle's group to locate the dragon and destroy the Gospel. Agate, returning from his injuries as a result of his earlier defeat, carried Plan B: a prototype greatsword made by Professor Russell designed to destroy the Gospel with vibrations. As the Arseille and four airships maintained air dominance above the Bose Region, the bracers entered the ancient dragon's lair and engaged Ragnard in battle. Agate delivered the coup de grace, destroying the cursed contraption that put the dragon through so much suffering.

Ragnard, freed from the Gospel's influence, thanked the heroes with goldium, well worth over 20 million mira, as repayment for the damage he caused. He took to the skies once again, assuring General Morgan and the fleet that he no longer means any harm to Liberl and its citizens.

Aftermath Edit

Operation: Dragon Capture succeeded not only in saving Liberl from destruction but also preserving a relic of centuries past. Had the bracers failed, the Royal Army wouldn't have any other choice but to slay it (although it's uncertain whether or not their weapons will have any effect on the dragon). Strangely, the Bladelord was never seen throughout the encounter.

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