Noi Stelladia
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Kanji ノイ・ステラディア
Rōmanji Noi Steradeia
Physical Information
Age Unknown (at least 1580+)
Race Unknown
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Gears
Occupation Administrator of Astrolabe
Game Appearances Nayuta no Kiseki
Voice Actor Ai Kayano

Noi is one of the character introduced in Nayuta no Kiseki who appears late in the prologue. Her full name is Noi Stelladia.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Noi is a diminutive fairy-like girl about 30 centimeters tall with pink hair in pigtails. She hovers above the ground and uses an ability called Gear Crafts. She possesses an item called the 'Master Gear'.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or character details follow. (Skip section)

Noi is one of the creations of Selam and Creha. She serves as the administrator of Terra, and is the one who kept the Ordins in their sleep. When the Zekust copy went out of control, Noi hid the Master Gears inside Astrolabe in the Altars of each continents of Terra. But when she's about to hide the last Master Gear, a vortex appeared and sucked her alongside a ruin.

Noi appears from a massive ruin which falls into the sea near Remnant Island. She is found unconscious on top of the tower ruins by Nayuta and Signa. Upon discovering her, Zechst and Selam appears through a portal. After stealing the Master Gear from her in front of the group, he retreats back through the portal. She is then taken by the two back to Remnant Island where she can rest.

A manifestation of her nightmares for being left alone becomes the true final boss of the game.


  • Noi's individual battle style reflects the primary Arts and Crafts gameplay anybody can perform in the Trails Universe.

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