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Noel seeker ao

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Kanji ノエル・シーカー
Rōmaji Noeru Shika
True Name
Physical Information
Age 18 (Ao/Zero/Akatsuki)
19 (CS2)
21 (CS3)
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Pink Brown
Weapon Sub-Machine Guns (x2)
Relatives Ozma Seeker (father)
Claris Seeker (mother)
Fran Seeker (sister)
Orbment Earth
Affiliation Crossbell Guardian Force
Special Support Section
Occupation Sergeant
Ensign (Ao)
Piloted Units
Main Game
Zero no Kiseki + EVO
Ao no Kiseki + EVO
Other Media
Voice Actor(s) Masumi Asano

Noel Seeker is a member of the CSGF of Crossbell City. In Ao no Kiseki she transfers to the SSS.

While only a guest character in Zero no Kiseki and playable on one occasion, Noel becomes a full party member in the sequel and plays an expansive role in its story.



Background - Noel is a sergeant in the CSGF, and elder sister to Fran Seeker. She assists the SSS on multiple occasions, usually in the form of providing transport and mission briefings to the team when undertaking missions from the CSGF. The party also spars against her on several occasions when requested by the CGSF.

Zero no Kiseki -

Ao no Kiseki -


Her weapons of choice are a pair of orbal sub-machine pistols.


  • She has a liking for cats, apart from Tio who is a Mishie fanatic.
  • She and Fran are also fanatics of Julia Schwarz.

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