Nayuta Herschel
Nayuta Herschel
Kanji ナユタ・ハーシェル
Rōmanji Nayuta Haasheru
Physical Information
Age 15
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color Light Aqua
Weapon Sword
Relatives Eartha Herschel (older sister)
Occupation Explorer
Game Appearances Nayuta no Kiseki
Voice Actor Kaori Mizuhashi

Nayuta Herschel is the protagonist of Nayuta no Kiseki. He serves as the main character of the story.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Nayuta is a young, fifteen year old boy whose hobby is astronomical observation and navigation. He has blue hair and carries a sextant.

Because of the equipment system, the player can customize Nayuta's clothes by changing equipment.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or character details follow. (Skip section)

Nayuta Herschel was born on Remnant Island and attends school in the harbor town of Saint-Elysees. His parents were exploring the end of the world, but died in the process. Five years ago, at his parents' funeral, he met Signa Alhazan, who cheered him up and quickly became friends. The three, alongside Lyra Barton, spent their childhood with happiness. Nayuta and Signa even formed a guild in order to help people in need.

Four months prior to the beginning of the game, Nayuta and Signa went away from Remnant Island in order to travel around the world and prove that the world isn't flat. After that, both return to Remnant Island. Signa is thinking about resuming the guild now that they're back. After some talk with Eartha, Signa opens up the letter box and goes back to his home. Then, Nayuta does the request from a fellow guard Dorado, who wants a lunch made by Eartha. After done, Nayuta goes to Signa's house in order to do Orbus' request and meet Signa. But when Nayuta goes to his home, he only finds Orbus, who says that Signa is already going somewhere else. Then, Nayuta does the request and passes with flying colors.


  • Sword Arts - This is Nayuta's method of attacking. He can learn new skills through stage events and from Orbus.
  • Knowledge - This skill allows Nayuta to expand his actions. Examples would be increasing the number of attacks with a sword or learning to perform air evasion. Also learned from Orbus.
  • Season Change - Nayuta can eventually change the world's seasons from Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This will not only change the appearance of the environment appropriately, but also change the types of enemies and the way to play through the stage. Events and story scenes may also change and may reveal hidden events.


  • Because of his blue hair, similar clothing style, and his prodigy status, many already compare Nayuta with Forte.

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