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Millium Orion


Millium orion sen2

Millium Orion (Sen III)

Kanji ミリアム・オライオン
Rōmaji Miriam Oraion
True Name Model - 0z73
Alias(es) White Rabbit (白兎)
Physical Information
Age 13-14 (CS1-CS2)

15⇨16 (CS3)

Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Topaz
Hair Color Pale Turquoise
Weapon Airgetlam
Relatives Altina Orion (sister)
Orbment Earth, Mirage
Affiliation Thors Military Academy
Iron Blood
Occupation Student
Undercover Agent
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III
Other Media
Voice Actor(s) Kotori Koiwai (JP)
Ashly Burch (US)

"Let's go go go!"
Millium, Trails of Cold Steel

Millium Orion is a main character of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel trilogy. She is a young girl, accompanied by her puppet Airgetlam, who bustles about the empire under the code-name “White Rabbit”. In reality, she is a member of the Ironblood, an information agency under the direct control of Chancellor Giliath Osbourne. She is a playable character in the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy.


Millium has a shade of blue-to-turquoise short hair and amber eyes. She wears a form of jumpsuit and her palette is the same as that of her Airgetlam.

Personality Edit

Millium has an innocent and friendly personality, and her classmates and friends are often surprised about how she speaks of such confidential information so lightly.

Despite this, Millium has had an unusual life, used as a tool of sorts of a member of the Ironbloods and never able to cry or otherwise normally express emotion. She joins Class VII, but sometimes feels she does not really fit in. She never attended Sunday School and is ignorant in some ways of the normal lives of people. It is later revealed that she is, in fact, a manufactured human of advanced technology. This is the reason their is no change in her status despite aging/


Background Edit

A girl with an innocent personality and who uses the silver Combat Shell "Airgetlam". She is a member of the Imperial Army of Erebonia’s Intelligence Division. She is a member of the “Ironbloods,” and uses the code name “White Rabbit” during missions. In her mission before the Civil War, she was admitted into the special “Class VII” of Thors Military Academy, where she met her friends and lived a daily life that could not be matched. After graduating from Thors Military Academy, she returned to her position as an agent. While sometimes carrying out joint missions with Altina, she continues to keep in touch with the members of Class VII, including Jusis.


  • She joins the Cooking Club at the Academy.
  • Millium shares the same position as Crow Armbrust as to joining the Class VII dormitory.
  • Millium's room in Class VII's dorm is full of Falcom references. She has dolls of Noi from Nayuta no Kiseki and the penguin from Zwei II.

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