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Mcburn sen2
Kanji マクバーン
True Name
Alias Eternal Flame (却炎)
Flaming Majin(火焔魔人)
The Almighty Conflagration
The Blazing Demon
Physical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Violet-Pink
Hair Color Turquoise
Weapon Pyrokinesis
Demon Sword "Hengbart"
Affiliation Ouroboros
Occupation Legion No. 1
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media
Voice Actor Junichi Suwabe
Look, this back and forth isn’t getting us anywhere. Just come at me already and get it over with.
—McBurn, Trails of Cold Steel II

McBurn is Ouroboros’ No. I Enforcer operating within the Erebonian Empire to put into effect the group’s “Phantom Project.”


A young physically built adult man who’s with a wild-style turquoise hair with a bit of violet-pink colors on the edge points and a few hair tie ropes on a few others for style, and tan-orange spec glasses over his pink-violet eyes. He’s seen wearing a crimson-red overcoat jacket with a symbol mark logo on the backside. Underneath the jacket is a white shirt with strap ropes tuck tight and underneath that was a darken-violet shirt; which doesn’t cover an open area of his stomach seen as well as an upper top of his chest. He has a little necklace tied around his neck a few ties as something dangles in front. Wears dark grey-purple pants with turquoise linings on the outside side areas, and wears brown shoes.


While on the face of things, McBurn seems to have a listless, devil may care attitude, he is, in fact, a very powerful combatant. The only thing is, he’s got zero interest of what goes on with other people’s business, endeavors, war, etc. While he hardly finds any interest in fighting off weaklings, he does like fighting someone who can at least put on a decent enough fight to keep him busy. He can even tell that when he fights someone who’s got his interest, he’ll start feeling some emotional drive to liking to see how things play out in the future. He even gets a real kick out of things when fighting someone really strong, enough to get his blood going. When he’s not holding back and can go as wild as he likes, he will feel some form of cockiness when an opponent who’s inhumanly strong fights him, to know they can try, but feels he’ll come on top in the end. He was even cocky enough to request having to fight against Rean’s Divine Knight in not worrying about holding back.

Character Profile:Edit

Also known as “The Eternal Flame,” Mcburn's power is said to rival Arianrhod’s power, and like Leonhardt, he can conjure up his demon sword called the Hengbart (魔剣アングバール?) from the Outside Reason.

He seems to have an interest towards Rean’s “demon power” that lies deep within him, possibly having some insight about it.


SKILLS: The top spot of the Enforcers from Ouroboros, No. 1, is no joke, as his strength matches his number. His strength can even pair him off against the Seventh Angus, the Steel Maiden and Enforcer No. 2: Leonhard, the Bladelord. When he fights, he develops a crimson flame aura around him, the likes that can scare a normal person. Like Rean, he’s got something implanted in his body that is not natural that he can produce flames that it’s not Orbal Arts, magic or an artifact use, an unnatural ability different from the Church’s Stigmas. Only difference is that Rean’s got a small bit of a mix inside that makes him unnatural, while how much of McBurn is unnatural, the answer is…ALL Of Him. His demon powers to conjure flames can have him burn a whole town down to ashes. Even when hitting opponents with normal flame attacks can cause some to feel BURN Effects. And when he gets serious enough to go more out, his body transforms with red markings and hair turn golden, eyes made demonically red; as if heralding the powers of a real demon that his voice even becomes all echo-like. And when even more serious, he will perform Outside Reason that is an unknown transcendental force, embalming him to materialize a weapon; a demon sword: Hengbart. The only other inhuman opponent to ever be a match for him besides the Steel Maiden and Leonhard, was Victor S. Arseid, the Radiant Blademaster.

Battle Scope: Enforcer No. I, and one of Ouroboros’ deadliest members. Burns all who dare get close with scorching flames.

McBurn’s Crafts:

-Flames Of Judgement: McBurn will gather a force of crimson flames around his right hand, before tossing it over at his opponents. Which will cause a great implosion force to cover the area and all targets to suffer considerable damage. Effect: ALL CANCEL.

-Purgatorial Flame: An Art type of spell, summons a yellow spell circle around the targets with three glowing circles within the spell. Just before firing off three geyser flames up over the targets and swirling around into a fire cyclone. Will cause a large considerable amount of damage on the target.

-Hellhounds: Rears his right hand back engulf in flames, before thrusting it forward in releasing flames shaped like canines engulf in inferno; hence the name, Hellhounds. These flaming creations will attack all targets, delivering a massive amount of damage to about finish them off if their guard is down.

McBurn’s S-Craft:

-Incandescent Hellfire: McBurn positions himself in conjuring a flame of fire around him, before thrusting out three shots of flaming spheres at the targets to explode into a large torrent of flames. Then he gathers crimson flames in his right hand, prepares to rear it back to channel more power to it before tossing it off like a fastball. The flaming crimson sphere begins to grow larger by the second, becoming a flying meteor against everyone in the way before making an impact implosion, and then unleashing a nuclear explosion afterwards scorching in inferno; delivering untold damage onto the poor targets that can’t defend against it that can kill them.


Orbal Art:

-Sol Eruption


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