Lloyd is a balanced character utilizing dual tonfas in close-quarter combat. His statistics are equivalent to Estelle Bright's, except that his attack range is 1 square shorter. His crafts are focus on area attacks, self-buffs and stunning the enemy. His Arts Orbment slot has 2 lines, which has 1 main slot linked with 3 slots for each lines, in a total of 7 slots. His arts has no element restrictions. The major downside is that, while he can be a powerful S-Craft attacker, he is more focused on single enemies.

When available in Trials Of Cold Steel II, he acquires an ARCUS Unit, which provides a term of balance that they are much more suited for combat then the Enigma IIs, with only the lose of the variety of arts that were set in the old unit. After acquiring the military technology from Erebonia, allows for Combat Links for those the character is in party with.

Master Quartz: Force (First available by character in CS II)

Effect: Fire element master quartz. Killing enemies restores CP.

Lloyd Bannings' Crafts:

-Raging Spin (CS II)

Default CP 30

[Attack (Set) - Area (L) - Impede - Suction] (Class A)

Draws in foes, then strikes them. Unbalance+10%

-Brave Smash 2 (CS II)

Default CP 40

[Attack (Set) - Line (M) - Seal (50%)] (Class S+)

Advances with a powerful battle aura. Unbalance+30%

-Burning Heart 2 (CS II)

Default CP 50

[Support - Self - STR/SPD+50% - Nulls ailments/Stat Down]

Gain immense power, but infects Faint after 5 turns.

Lloyd Bannings' S-Craft:

-Rising Sun 2 (CS II)

[Attack (Set) - Area (XL)] (Class SSS+)

Launches foes upward, then attacks like a dragon.


Name Description CP Cost Level


Name Effect Price Obtained Location

Name Effect Price Obtained Location

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