Kanji レオニダス
Rōmaji Reonidasu
True Name
Alias(es) Behemoth (破壊獣)
Physical Information
Date of Birth
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark-Brown
Weapon Machine Gauntlet
Affiliation Liberation Front Alliance
Zephyr Brigade (former)
Occupation Jaeger Corps
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media
Voice Actor(s) Hiroshi Isobe

Leonidas (レオニダス Reonidasu?) was a former member of the Zephyr Brigade, until he and Xeno joined the Liberation Front in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel duology.


A muscle-built black man with dark-brown hair styled in curls, to even a ponytail, wears violet spec glasses over his brown color eyes. Wears a dark grey-violet coat with sleeves rolled up to the elbows; with gold lining designs, has an emerald shirt underneath, tan bare baggy pants, dark grey-violet boots, a black wrist band along with fingerless black gloves with silver knuckle pads. He’s shown wielding a light grey-bronze mechanized gauntlet in his right hand.


Base on personality-wise, he’s what many can tell he’s an soleman guy. He’s a more up to date man who keeps tracks of the situation, being at the most serious of times when it comes to business. When he gets down to it, he’s much of being a mucho-man with a more adult personality of being the serious debater with his comrades. Can be friendly on some occasions, but being a jaeger also means…when it comes time to be more serious on a job to be completed. But one thing for certain is that he has a caring side for his comrades, especially Fie, who looks out for her: even to become an over-protective father-figure when chatting with Rean of how CLOSE he and Fie are, and if the guy did anything that Leonidas should know about.

Character ProfileEdit

HISTORY: Leonidas is another former member of the Zephyr Brigade who worked alongside Xeno, and possesses an imposingly large stature in his own right that can instill fear into his enemies. He wields his personal custom heavyarms, the Machine Gauntlet, which is over 2 arges in length. Its sheer strength is enough to thoroughly decimate battlefields, earned Leonidas the nickname “Behemoth” among other Brigadiers. After the Brigade disbands, he surely has some things on his mind about Fie, having previously been her escort to Thors Military Academy. Now he and Xeno work under Duke Cayenne, which pits them against Fie.


SKILLS: Being a member of Zephyr, the strongest corps in Zemuria shows that it’s members are tough. For Xeno, he fights using a mechanized gauntlet, and served as regimental commanders in Zephyr while earning the nickname: Behemoth. The strength from such a person can compete against Class VII, even Fie stated they had only 20 percent chance of beating such an opponent, and that was when such a foe was not being serious. Million even mentioned that the threat level of such an opponent was moved down to level 5, issuing when Xeno and Leonidas were with more members of Zephyr, it may have been higher. But when going further out, activating a skill called War Cry will unleash a jaeger’s real strength in the form of black battle auras; something only high ranking experience jaegers can accomplish.

Battle Scope: Zephyr regimental commander, known as ‘Behemoth.’ Uses a mechanized gauntlet to pulverize all in his path.

Leonidas’ Crafts:

-Imperial Spike: Leonidas charges his mechanized gauntlet to rear it back, with the pole in the back rearing further back. Then as he throws a forward inch effort, the pole will stretch out on the front to impact the front target while releasing a force wave to hit to deliver damage of targets in his straight line of fire.

-Brutal Spin: Leonidas gets himself all pumped up, then spins around to lash his mechanized gauntlet to hit all his nearby surrounding targets, causing a good amount of damage.

-Ground Buster: Leonidas lifts his mechanized gauntlet upwards with a burning energy glow, then smashes it into the ground. Then with a force from the pole in back pressing downwards, causes an explosive burst to that hits all around targets while dealing a good amount of damage. Effect: CRITICAL, MOV Down

Leonidas’ S-Craft:

-Calamitous Arm: Leonidas will unleash a dark violet aura around his body, before swinging his mechanized gauntlet in an upward claw slash motion that unlashes an explosive shock wave force that races down to impact the targets. Then rears the mechanized gauntlet back, pole stretch outwards on the backside, before dashing across the field towards his targets. Where Leonidas swings to thrust his mechanized gauntlet to hit targets with an explosive close-impact power, dealing a great amount of damage. Effect: DEF Down.


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