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Kanji レオンハルト
Rōmaji Reonharuto
True Name
Alias Loewe (nickname)
Lorence Begar (false identity)
The Sword Emperor (剣帝)
Physical Information
Age 20's
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color Biege Grey
Birthplace Hamel Village, Erebonian Empire
Weapon Demon Sword "Kernviter"
Relatives Karin Astray (lover)
Joshua Astray (caretaker)
Affiliation Ouroboros
Liberl Kingdom Royal Army (former)
Occupation Enforcer No. 2
2nd Lieutenant (undercover)
Main Game Appearances Trails in the Sky + EVO
Trails in the Sky SC + EVO
Trails in the Sky the 3rd + EVO
Other Media Ys VS. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga
Vantage Master Portable
Voice Actor Hikaru Midorikawa (JP)
But, even a released tiger is still bound by the chains of the military. No longer should any assault can stop us
—Loewe's intro quote, Trails in the Sky SC

Leonhardt, otherwise known as the Sword Emperor is Legion Enforcer No.2 of the elusive Ouroboros Society in the Trails in the Sky trilogy.


Loewe wears a long clear grey cloak, t-shirt with red belt and grey pants with black shoes. Given to him by The Leader of Ouroboros, he carries his artifact sword Kernviter, which was constructed from the Outside Reason and can cut through anything. Loewe is considered a cold hearted man that will hurt others without hesitation. Later, it's revealed that he cares a great deal for Joshua and Renne. During the Gospel Project, he follows Weissmann's orders and wants Joshua to return to the organization.


Leon is pretty much a big brother type. He is very serious, cold hearted and reserve and doesn't like messing around. But despite that, at the end of the second chapter, he didn't want to hurt Joshua, showing that he cared about him.

Character ProfileEdit

Known as Löwe, Loewe, or Leon among his friends. Joshua and Karen's childhood friend, and also a brother figure for Joshua. He once was a young man with a dream of becoming a Bracer. After the Tragedy of Hamel, he was the one that takes care of Joshua until Weissman comes and offers him to restore his heart in exchange for their services in Ouroboros. The Tragedy of Hamel has greatly changed his views in humanity, he starts to think that humans are a weak creatures that only seeks the truth that pleases them and abandons all sad truth in the pasts, so he chose to cooperate in Weissmann's plan so he can see the true extent of the potential of humans. Just as his title The Sword Emperor, Leonhardt is an excellent swordsman surpassing even Richard. He can be described as one of the if not the most powerful character in Sora no Kiseki trilogy matched only by Cassius Bright. According to the Fifth Anguis, he may be the only one that can stand a chance against the Seventh Anguis. His sword Kernviter is also granted by The Leader, the sword holds the power to cut through anything as it was not made by this world's reason.

Battle StyleEdit

Loewe is a strong opponent and deals great damage with physical attacks. He can cast Silver Thorn and summon clones of himself.


  • Loewe is left-handed in battle.
  • Loewe (or "Löwe") is German-translated for "Lion".
  • There is a spin-off manga, Sora no Kiseki Gaiden: The Tale of Loewe, which concerns Loewe. It depicts events from his early past until the end of Trails in the Sky SC.

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