Sen-concept legram

Legram is a town surrounded by heavy fog and is notably the hometown to Laura S. Arseid. It is one of the locales that Rean visits in order to undergo the field missions. In terms of missions, the town is just a stop away before they head to the base.

Connecting Zones


Lohengrin Castle's Mysterious Glow

On the night before the last day, just as Rean and team are about to file their report and head to sleep, Team A have now been tasked with rescuing Sven's sons; Julian and Karno. So the team catches a boat that is prepared by one of the Arseid school students, and they head off to the mysterious Lohengrin Castle.

Trails of Cold Steel 2

Rean and his recruited team come to Legram to recruit two more students from Class VII. So the team are led to the Lohengrin Castle once again. As Rean's team enters the castle, they spot Emma and Laura fighting a similar Cryptid that Alisa and Millium in Nord Highlands (northeast) fought. Zelvenom then emerges from a portal in front of Class VII and the team proceeds to fight the beast

Class VII is later informed that the thick mist and strange happenings and have worsened around Legram and it is once again suspected coming from Lohengrin Castle. The group investigates the castle, and defeats the fiend Lucifuge that was causing the strange occurrences in the area.

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