Kilika Rouran
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Kirika rouran

Kirika rouran fcevo

Kanji キリカ・ロウラン
Rōmaji Rourann
True Name
Physical Information
Age 26 (FC, SC)
28 (Ao)
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color Black
Birthplace Calvard Republic
Weapon Martial Arts
Twin Chakrams
Relatives Ryuga Rouran (father)
Affiliation Liberl Bracer Guilds (formerly)
Taito School (formerly)
Calvard Republic
Occupation Zeiss Bracer Guild receptionist (formerly)
Secret Service Agent
Presidential Aide
Main Game Appearances Trails in the Sky + EVO
Trails in the Sky SC + EVO
Zero no Kiseki + EVO
Ao no Kiseki + EVO
Other Media
Voice Actor(s) Chizu Yonemoto

Kilika Rouran (キリカ・ロウラン Kirika Rourann?) was the former receptionist of the Zeiss Bracer Guild, Liberl Kingdom in the Trails in the Sky trilogy. After the Calamity of Liberl was resolved, she was scouted by the Rocksmith Institution (ロックスミス機関 Rokkusumisu Kikan?), the President's Secret Service of her hometown, Calvard Republic. With her sharp observance and problem-solving skills. She eventually rose to office director.

In Ao no Kiseki, she was selected to become the presidential aide for the West Zemuria Trade Conference.






  • She likes Mao's cooking.

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