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Joshua Bright
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Kanji ヨシュア・ブライト
Rōmaji Yoshua Buraito
True Name Joshua Astray (real name)
Alias The Black Fang (漆黒の牙)
Physical Information
Age 16 (FC/SC)
17 (the 3rd)
18 (Zero/Ao)
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Black
Birthplace Erebonian Empire, Harmel Village
Weapon Twin Swords
Relatives Estelle Bright (stepsister/lover)
Cassius Bright (stepfather)
Karin Astray (biological sister)
Orbment Time
Affiliation Bracer's Guild
Ouroboros (defected)
Occupation Bracer, Assassin (Formerly)
Main Game Appearances Trails in the Sky
Trails in the Sky SC
Trails in the Sky the 3rd
Zero no Kiseki
Ao no Kiseki
Other Media Sora no Kiseki OVA
Ys VS. Sora no Kiseki: Alternative Saga
Vantage Master Portable
Voice Actor Mitsuki Saiga (JP)
Johnny Yong Bosch (US)
I might not be reliable just like Dad...even so I still want to be your support as family.
—Joshua's intro quote, Sora no Kiseki Evolution

Joshua Bright, formerly known as Joshua Astray, is one of the two main protagonists in the The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky trilogy, and is featured as one of Falcom's iconic characters in multiple Falcom subsequent games.


A young teenager with bluish-black hair and amber eyes. Usually equipped with twin sword or rather more like long daggers.


As a person, Joshua is a quiet, calm youth whose character is the opposite of his hot-headed stepsister, Estelle. He addresses situations in a collected matter, all the while keeping Estelle from getting into trouble. Joshua is a popular figure among all those who he meets due to his calming personality as well as his careful approach to others, leading him to have many suitors, as well as a personality which draws allies to him.

His kind persona was always with him even since childhood, until the incident in Hamel. From there on, Joshua became a ruthless and merciless killer, feeling no emotion or remorse when he went out on missions for Ouroboros. A part of this was due to the trauma of losing his loved ones in Hamel, but mainly this change occurred due to interference from Weissmann.

Character ProfileEdit

5 years prior to Trails in the Sky, the young Joshua was adopted into the Bright Family. He is the brains, while his stepsister Estelle is the brawn, as they every day together training and studying to become Bracers like their father, Cassius Bright. However, his past remains a mystery and intends to keep it that way.

Following Trails in the Sky, Joshua and Estelle cleared their Junior Bracer exams and started traveling around Liberl Kingdom ranking up to Senior Bracers, while solving the mystery of their father's sudden disappearance. After reaching the capital of Grancel, the Bright siblings participated in the fighting tournament¥, and won all the way up to the championship gaining entrance to the Royal Palace.

After managing to sneak in and meeting with Queen Alicia II, the Bright siblings learned about their Cassius's past as an excellent military soldier before stepping down as a Bracer. Understanding that their father's disappearance was an act of motion to unravel a coup d'etat upstaged by his former colleague, Alan Richard and his Intelligence Division. Joshua and Estelle banded together with the allies gained from their journey and brought Colonel Richard's plan down the tube. With the matter finally over, everybody resumed enjoying the Queen's Anniversary Festival until Joshua.......

For his stats, he is pretty much the main character style, favoring offense in both attack and arts, his other stats are pretty even overall, but his craft such as evil eye allow him to slow his opponent in and area and his S-craft allows him to deal great damage. He is usually equip with time orbment which best fits with offensive such as fire orbment to boost his attack and speed, but he can be useful in just any situation.


  • Joshua can easily be compared to Kenshin Himura from the anime series, Rurouni Kenshin.
    • This is due to their pasts as ruthless assassins(both of them also became assassins at a young age), their remarkable swordsmanship (most notably, their unparalleled speed) and their need to atone for their past sins. 
    • Both are characters who are noted to be gentle in both appearance and temperment, but will revert to their colder personas when in combat or if their tempers are pushed to the limit. 
    • They also seem to have similar female love interests who also serve as their foil of sorts.  Estelle, like Kaoru, is a stubborn, fiery, tomboyish, independent, courageous, naive, yet strong-willed woman. They are also infamous for their complete lack of talent in cooking. 
  • Joshua also shares similar traits to Killua Zoldyck from the manga series, Hunter X Hunter.
    • Mainly their ability to analyze a situation with great ease and accuracy.
    • They both possess inhuman speed, strength, and agility. Governed by their rough childhood as assassins, where they were both forced to slaughter countless individuals.
    • In FC, Joshua accompanies Estelle to find their father Cassius. In HxH, Killua accompanies Gon to find his father Ging.
  • Joshua shares the same weapon as Lazlo, the main silent protagonist from Suikoden IV. Coincidentally, Estelle, Lloyd, and Rean as main protagonists from Kiseki series also share same weapons as other protagonists from Suikoden series

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