[[File:|left|22px]]Jeweled Ring[[File:|right|22px]]
Romanji Takaishi no yubiwa
Description An expensive ring fitted with an incandescent gem.
Type Accessory
Sell 1500 Mira
Purpose Stolen Ring Quest
Effect DEF +2
Found Locations
Other Sky Bandit Stronghold, 2nd Map (Chest)
Exist in Games(s)
Game Appearances Trails in the Sky, Chapter 1

Jeweled Ring is an equippable accessory in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky.


The accessory be found on the Sky Bandit Stronghold 2nd Map, it is situated in the south room before the first group of Sky Bandits. The accessory is used for the Stolen Ring quest, where the item is returned to Launa after being stolen.

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