Imperio ad priorem formam emblem

ILF's slogan, it is approximate Latin for "Government to the prior form."

Correct the form of the nation!
—Organization slogan

The Imperial Liberation Front (Imperil Ad Prioress Formam) (帝国解放戦線 Teikoku Kaihou Sensen?) is a terrorist group that secretly maneuvers through the Erebonian Empire. They are the main antagonists in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel.

Under their slogan, they focalize on their main target, Chancellor Giliath Osbourne and his political party while large-scale daredevil incidents take place across the map. In their jet-black airship with mechanical robot weapons, this terrorist group appears to have many connections.

List of MembersEdit

Imperial liberation front op

The three administrators (from left to right): Vulcan (V), Gideon (G) and Scarlet (S)

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