Hamel Village

The Capua Family inspecting the ruins of Hamel

Hamel Village is a small village in southern Erebonia, near the border with Liberl. It is the former hometown of the Astray family, notably Karin and Joshua, as well as Karin's lover Loewe.

The Tragedy of Hamel Edit

Days before the start of the Hundred Days' War, Hamel was attacked by bandits brandishing Liberlian weaponry. They massacred all the inhabitants of the village they could find and raped the women. Among those killed was Karin, Joshua's sister. The Empire's war hawks used this incident as an excuse to declare war on Liberl, initiating Hundred Days War ten years prior to the events of Trails in the Sky. In reality, the incident was a false flag attack staged by jaegers under the orders by the war hawks themselves, with the assistance of George Weissmann.

When Liberl repelled out of the country, the two sued for peace. Erebonia retracted its claims of Liberl instigating the war and executed anyone in the Empire involved in the plot. In fact, part of the terms of the peace treaty between the two countries included not speaking about the truth behind the Tragedy of Hamel. The new cover story had Hamel being wiped out by a catastrophic landslide.

Queen Alicia, who ruled Liberl at the time of the war, was forced to accept this condition for the sake of her people's security, as Liberl was in no position to fend off a full-scale invasion by Erebonia. This disgusted Loewe, telling her during Trails in the Sky FC that she "is hardly qualified to feel pity" for him.

A young Joshua was so traumatized by the incident, he became unable to do anything but play his dead sister's harmonica. Later, Weismann agreed to repair Joshua's mind in exchange for both Loewe and Joshua joining Ouroboros.

Hamel Today Edit

Hamel lies mostly in charred ruins. The only known monument to the tragedy in the area is a simple stone grave on a cliff where Karin rests. This monument is visited twice by Joshua: first with the Capua Sky Bandits and second with Estelle.

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