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Glorious sc
Rōmanji Guroriasu
Developed from Ouroboros
Manufactured from Thirteen Workshops
Affiliation Ouroboros
Known Captains
Known Crew
General Characteristics
Length 280 arges
Average Speed
Accomodations 12 Scout airships
Armaments Orbal Anti-Air Artillery
Homing Missiles
Special Equipment and Features
Stealth System
Main Game Appearances Trails in the Sky SC + EVO
Other Media

Glorious (グロリアス Guroriasu?), otherwise known as the Crimson Ark (赤い方舟 Akai Hakobune?) is Ouroboros's grand flagship and mobile headquarters in the Trails universe.


While the Glorious has low maneuverability compared to the Arseille, its comparable speed, formidable defense, and overwhelming firepower (the Glorious is loaded with a large array of armament, including orbal anti-air cannons and homing missiles) compensate. 

The Glorious has the greatest length 280 arge from bow to stern, making it the largest airship ever flown; and strictly undetectable but due to its superb cloaking abilities.

The ship's inner dock can contain up to twelve patrol ships, and it is heavily guarded by a wide array of archaisms security.


Atop the Glorious is a shrine which serves a similar function to a King's audience chamber; this is where Estelle and company confront Weissmann and other members of Ouroboros during The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC.

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