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George Weissmann

George wiseman sc

Professor alba fcevo

Kanji ゲオルグ・ワイスマン
Rōmaji Georugu Waisuman
True Name
Alias The Faceless (白面)
Professor Alba (アルバ教授)
Physical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color Navy Blue
Weapon Sorceror's wand
Affiliation Ouroboros
Septian Church (former)
Occupation Anguis No.3
Bishop (former)
Main Game Appearances Trails in the Sky FC + EVO
Trails in the Sky SC + EVO
Trails in the Sky the 3rd + EVO
Other Media
Voice Actor Hideyuki Tanaka (JP)

Georg Weissmann is the true name of Professor Alba, and a major antagonist in the first two Trails Series of games, and acts as the primary antagonist of Second Chapter. He assumes the identity of Alba throughout a majority of FC, acting as an innocent archaeologist until the very end of the game.


The Third Anguis and chronologically the first Anguis of Ouroboros that appears in the trilogy, he is called "Professor" by his comrades. Not only he is the mastermind behind all events on FC and SC, but he is also the one responsible for The Tragedy of Hamel which is also the reason why the Hundred Days War occurred in the first place.

He assumes the identity of Professor Alba during Trails in the Sky to complete his plans and also to watch over Estelle Bright and Joshua Bright.


He possesses the power to manipulate people's memories and hypnotize them which he uses on many people to do his dirty work (two of his victims were Joshua and Richard). His wand was granted by The Grandmaster and has the power to control space for attacks. At the end of SC he absorbs the Aureole and transforms into a massive monster called Angel Weissmann. After the last battle in SC, he manages to escape by using a teleport, but later is killed by Kevin using The Stake of Salt to turn his body into salts. His wand which contains the Aureole is retrieved by Campanella.

Because of his actions to fulfill his experiments and plans, he is hated by his comrades to the point no one (except The Grandmaster) seems to mourn his death.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or character details follow. (Skip section)

Throughout FC and SC he is working to fulfill the Gospel Project, and believes that it is a large-scale plan to force mankind to evolve and gain absolute knowledge and intelligence. However, he is actually being used by the Leader and the project is actually just to obtain the Septillion of Space, the Aureole, and is just the first step of something called the Orpheus Final Project. With it obtained, the Gospel project is a great success and the Orpheus Final Project is able to move on to its next stage.

In Ao no Kiseki, his position as the third Anguis is filled by one of the two masterminds behind all the events of Zero/Ao no Kiseki, Mariabell Crois (the other being Ian Grimwood, a lawyer from Crossbell). She is allowed to join Ouroboros because of her skills as an alchemist of the Croiss clan, which created the homunculus KeA in an attempt to replicate the Sept-Terrion of Perception, the Demiurge, and instead created the Azure Demiurge, which surpassed the original and incorporated all three of the higher elements, possessing the ability to rewrite time and reality itself.

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