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Gaius Worzel

Gaius Worzel

Gaius worzel sen2

Kanji ガイウス・ウォーゼル
Rōmaji Gaiusu Wozzeru
True Name
Physical Information
Age 17
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Spindle Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Birthplace Nord Highlands
Weapon Cross-Spear
Relatives Lacan Worzel (father)
Fatma Worzel (mother)
Toma Worzel (younger brother)
Shida Worzel (younger sister)
Lili Worzel (younger sister)
Orbment Earth, Wind
Affiliation Class VII
Occupation Student
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media Sen no Kiseki (manga)
Voice Actor Yoshimasa Hosoya (JP)
Kaiji Tang (US)
As long as there is guidance of the goddess and the wind… I don’t mind suffering.
—Gaius, Trails of Cold Steel II

Gaius Worzel is an exchange student from the Nord Highlands. Normally living as a nomad, he attends Thors Military Academy to better understand the world, and ends up joining Class VII.


Gaius is the sort of person who can discern the true nature of things without prejudice. His personality without any sense of discrimination, leads him to be heavily relied on by the members of Class VII.


Background -

Trails of Cold SteelEdit

Character Profile Edit

Trails of Cold Steel I Edit

Year 1, Class VII, Art Club

A tall exchange student. Soft-spoken, but has a strong sense of integrity. Can be relied on when it counts.

  1. Homeland: Gaius' homeland, the Nord Highlands, is where Emperor Dreichels rose his army during the War of the Lions.
  2. Resolve: Gaius chose to enroll at the academy to learn more about the outside world and better protect his homeland.
  3. Painter: Gaius was painting the scenery of the Nord Highlands, hoping to return there with his class one day.

Trails of Cold Steel II Edit

Year 1, Class VII, Art Club

An exchange student from the Nord Highlands. Reliable and always calm, he sees the Empire as his second home.

  1. Resolve: He resolves to leave Nord behind in order to protect his second home of Erebonia, but swears to return again.
  2. Warriors of Nord: Gaius quietly wishes to fight on the same level as his father and Brigadier General Bardias one day.
  3. Teachings of a Priest: He learned a lot from an elderly priest who often came to Nord to hold classes there.


  • He joins the Arts Club in the Academy.
  • He is the eldest of the four siblings in his family.
  • His bonding trophy in Trails of Cold Steel I is called Wind Beneath My Wings. In Trails of Cold Steel II, it is called Winderlust.

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