Fishing Spot Search
Kanji 釣り場探訪
Rōmaji Tsuriba Tanbō
Quest Type
Quest Description
Client Parcy
Points Earned 4 (+2)
Reward(s) 4000 Mira (+2000)
Main Location Gurune Gate
Main Game + Chapter
Trails in the Sky SC, Chapter 4

Fishing Spot Search is an optional quest available during Chapter 4 in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC.

Notebook GuideEdit

Location Exact Location
Elize Highway To the right of the bridge
The Bright Residence After the event, the pond is located around back of the house
Milch Main Road Pond is at the Milch main road, area 1. From Rolent's entrance
Verte Bridge Checkpoint Pond is at the back of the checkpoint, circle around back (left side)
Rolent Sewers Just as Estelle enters the sewers
Mistwald Forest Boss room, after you fight the fog boss. Be sure to use a Bamboo Rod. Coupled with River Snail bait

Notebook EntryEdit

Please add information if available


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