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Firefly Fungus
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Romanji Hotaru Take
Description A suspiciously green, glowing mushroom. It is rumored to be delectable if prepared right.
Type Ingredient
Price 200 Mira
Sell 100 Mira (FC)
50 Mira (SC/3rd)
Purpose Cooking Recipes
Effect N/A
Found Locations
Shops Edel Market - Food Counter (FC/SC)
Arseille Food Dispensary
Autumn Souvenirs (SC)
Bell Station General Goods (SC)
Buck's Greengrocery (SC)
Fiore General Goods (SC)
O'Neil Duty-Free Shop (SC)
Orvid Co. Ltd. (SC)
Rinon General Goods (SC)
Garden of Recluse - Great Tree (3rd)
Other Malga Trail 3rd Map
Exist in Games(s)
Game Appearances Trails in the Sky
Trails in the Sky SC
Trails in the Sky the 3rd

The Firefly Fungus (ホタル茸 Hotaru Take?) is a common ingredient in the Trails in the Sky trilogy.

Used in Recipes


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