Field attack tocs

The Field Attack System in Trails of Cold Steel 2

Party advantage soradc-evo

The Party Advantage system

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BEWARE!! if your party can do it, so can your enemies

Field Attacks (フィールドアタック Fiirudo Atakku?) is a new game function to the Trails Series. Starting in Zero no Kiseki, they were called Attack Encounters (アタックエンカウント Atakku Enkaunto?). It allows your lead character in your party to attack. If you manage to hit enemies from behind, the attack will faint them long enough to engage in battle and giving your party the full advantage (noticed by the circling bird icon in cartoons).

Encounter TypesEdit

  • Surprise Attack (奇襲): Approach the fainted enemy giving the party max advantage, with critical bonus and extra turns.
  • Preemptive Attack (先制): Approaching the enemy from behind normally, still giving the advantage
  • Normal Attack (通常): Normally approaching the enemy
  • Enemy Preemptive (敵先制): Letting the enemy approach from behind giving them the advantage.

Advantage EffectsEdit

  • Your party can always takes action first depending how high each character's statuses are (LVL, high speed, etc.)
    • If the Enemy Advantage, this first point becomes the opposite with the enemies surrounding your party in a circle.
  • All attacks become critical if possible
  • The enemies are considered "small-fry" if the level between your party and enemies becomes a huge difference. Any field attack attempted is capable of destroying them, thus skipping battle while collecting sepith.
  • Increases chances of escaping

Game ChangesEdit

Continuous strike

Continuous attacks possible in Trails of Cold Steel 2

  • In Zero no Kiseki, a surprise attack can sometimes result with the Team Rush AT icon to appear in battle.
  • In Ao no Kiseki, the function is upgraded to break objects with hidden items.
  • In Trails of Cold Steel 2, continuous attacks are possible and some can disable traps within dungeons.


  • This function makes a good self-marketing business. Depending on how much sepith or items farmed, you can either attack to skip battles or still engage to collect rare items or sell them for mira.

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