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Erebonian Empire Emblem

The Erebonian Empire (エレボニア帝国 erebonia teikoku?) is one of two nations neighboring the Liberl Kingdom. It has great military might with its powerful and large army. It is also the home of Olivier Lenheim, and its relations with Liberl are strained due to the Hundred Days War; the current relationship remains peaceful largely due to the efforts of Queen Alicia II. Erebonia will serve as the setting for The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki.


Erebonian Empire

Ten years before the start of Trails in the Sky, the Hundred Days War began with the Erebonian Empire breaking down the Haken Gate and launching a full-scale invasion of Liberl, with the intent of total conquest. Eventually it conquered Rolent, BoseRuan, and Zeiss. But as they were trying to break their way through to Grancel, new orbmental aircrafts were created and combatted the Erebonian Army with many blitzkriegs. This lead to recapturing the 4 regions and forcing the Empire to surrender. After the peace treaty was made in the Royal Villa, the war ended. The Empire apologized saying the war was a misunderstanding after a problem that happened in the Empire occurred.

During Trails in the Sky, the Bracer Guilds in the Empire were facing unknown and powerful forces inside. This lead to them asking Cassius Bright for assistance. Cassius leaving Liberl Kingdom lead to a rebellion made by Alan Richard, but it was calmed and ended with the help of the Bracer Guilds. Eventually Cassius finished his job and left back to Grancel to see his kids become senior bracers during the ending of Trails in the Sky.










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