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Erebonian Empire
Erebonian Empire Emblem
Known as
Emblem Golden Stallion
Demonym Erebonia
Map Location Northwest Zemuria
Capital Heimdallr
Religion Septian Church
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Population Over 1,700,000 (Pre CS3)
Geography Northwest of Zemuria
Formation S.171
Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III

The Erebonian Empire is one of two major regions of Zemuria in the Trails Universe. It is the primary setting of the Trails of Cold Steel trilogy, and known as the homeland of Olivier Lenheim.


Long after the Dark Ages, the Erebonian Empire stands as the most traditional region, preserving many legends and its old customs due to being ruled by nobility.

But everything changed after Giliath Osborne became Chancellor. Erebonia began driven into the modern era as its regional territory expanded through the annexation of its smaller countries as part of the construction for its Transcontinental Railroad network. Some through peaceful means, but focused on aggression which fueled the grudge against Osborne by many, inside and outside national borders.



Prior to the Empire's foundation, the land was long ruled by the Arnor dynasty and the monarchy passes through tradition and generations since. Most of the politics are geared towards expansion (mostly politics and military force.


The prominent distinction of Erebonia is its growing military might, using the present state-of-the-art weaponry on land and its airforce in current development. While the chain of command serve under the Emperor and the government, 70% of the main forces are supervised under Chancellor Osborne's direct command.

Intelligence Divisions

Military Force

  • Imperial Army of Erebonia The general force of the Erebonia's military command. Only 11 divisions have been mentioned so far.
  • Railway Military Police: A new division of elite soldiers under Chancellor Osborne's command. They are responsible for patrolling Erebonia under jurisdiction of its railways network.
  • Heimdallr Military Police: The capital guard with keeping order within Heimdallr and protecting its citizens.
  • Provincial Army: The military commanded by the nobles stationed in each province.


  • Mining:
  • Agriculture:
  • Foreign Trade:


  • Reinford Group: Erebonia's prominent maker of orbal-powered devices, boasting the nation's overwhelming market share.
  • Imperial Chronicle: Erebonia's main news outlet.
  • Conrad Ltd.
  • Rieveldt Ltd.
  • Quincy Ltd.
  • Kleist & Co.
  • Crimson Co.: A dummy company by the Red Constellation.

International Relations

Most of Zemuria fear the Empire for its and military history:


  • Transcontinental Railroad The public mainland transportation in Erebonia with destination across in and out national borders. With the main central station in Heimdallr, the network spreads through local branch lines throughout the major cities and provinces.
  • Orbalships: Erebonia's aerial public transport for long distance travel between provinces.
  • Maritime: For goods exports and luxury travel where its main origin point of departure lies at the maritime city of Ordis on its west coast.


Compared to the other regions in Zemuria, Erebonia is widely known as the most cultured since the Septian Church brought animism during the Middle Ages. Up till the present, animist traditions became part of Erebonia's indigneous belief system and shared among its festivities such as the annual Summer Festival.



  • Its national crest, the "Golden Stallion", represents the ancient traditions and military progress passed down.