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Ennia CS3

Ennia the demon-bow

Kanji 魔弓のエンネア
Rōmaji Ennea
True Name
Alias(es) Demon Bow (魔弓)
Physical Information
Age 22(Ao)
24 (CS3)
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color
Weapon Bow and Arrow
Affiliation Ouroboros
Occupation Stahlritter Knight
Main Game Appearances Ao no Kiseki + EVO
Trails of Cold Steel III
Other Media
Voice Actor(s) Akina Kanazawa (Ao EVO)
Satomi Sato (CS3)[1]
Fufu, Seems like thy took great care of our little Duvalie, right?
—Ennia's intro quote, Trails od Cold Steel III

Ennia the Demon Bow (魔弓のエンネア Makyuu no Ennea?) is a valkyrie of the Stahlritter, Arianrhod's calvary of knights introduced in the Zero/Ao no Kiseki duology.


A beautiful female with long blue hair that hangs down to her hip while wearing the knight uniform code of medieval armor.


Like the other valkyries, Ennia's loyalty is devoted only to her master, but usually a bit teasing towards Duvalie's fanaticism despite their common faith .

Character ProfileEdit

Ennia the Demon Bowis a voluptuous valkyrie who masters in archery and supports the calvary alongside Ines. Prior to her nickname, she is the Stahlritter’s ace sniper due to her “Demon Bow” ability which always marks the target, while freely changing the shot's projection course in mid-air.



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