Duke Cayenne
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Duke kaien sen2
Kanji カイエン公爵
True Name
Physical Information
Age Unknown
Race Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Spring Green
Hair Color Orange
Weapon N/A
Relatives Orthros Reise Arnor (bloodline ancestor)
Orbment N/A
Affiliation Four Great Noble Houses
Noble Alliance
Occupation Aristocrat
Main Game Appearances Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Other Media
Voice Actor(s) Bin Shimada
There’s definitely something to be said for looking down on everything from on high. Wouldn’t you agree?
—Cayenne's quote, Sen no Kiseki II

Duke Cayenne (カイエン公爵 Kaien Kōshaku?) is the highest-level aristocrat who rules over the Lamar state in the western part of the Erebonian Empire, making him a prominent figure among the Four Great Noble Houses. In possession of resources that far outstrip those of neighboring countries, he has a taste for the extravagant.

He hired Xeno and Leonidas, two top-tier Jaeger from the "Zephyr Brigade" as his personal bodyguards, as well as building the Pantagruel in secret, the Noble Alliance's main battleship, all in an effort to get ready for the impending civil war to be set off. With the Noble Alliance igniting the civil war, he gets to work with Rufus Albarea in taking over the rest of the Erebonian Empire after occupying the Imperial Capitol of Heimdallr.


Character ProfileEdit

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