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Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes
LoH1 Boxart
Doragon Sureiyaa Eiyuu Densetsu
Developer(s) Nihon Falcom Corporation [PC88][PC98][FM][MSX][Win]
Hudson Soft [PCE]
SPS [X68K]
Sega Falcom [MD]
Publisher(s) Nihon Falcom Corporation [PC88][PC98][FM][MSX][Win]
Hudson Soft [PCE]
SPS [X68K]
Sega Falcom [MD]
Release NEC PC-8801: December 10, 1989 Flag of Japan
NEC PC-9801: 1990 Flag of Japan
FM TOWNS: 1990 Flag of Japan
MSX: August 7, 1990 Flag of Japan
December 25, 1991 Flag of Japan , 1992 Flag of USA
Super Famicom: February 14, 1992 Flag of Japan
Megadrive: September 16, 1994 Flag of Japan
Sharp X680000: 1993 Flag of Japan
Windows: April 25, 1997 Flag of Japan
Playstation: June 25, 1998 Flag of Japan
Sega Saturn: September 23, 1998 Flag of Japan
Genre Role-playing game
Modes Single player
Platform(s) NEC PC-8801
NEC PC-9801
Super Famicom Super Famicom logo
Sharp X680000
Mega Drive Sega mega drive logo
Microsoft Windows Windows newlogo
Playstation Playstation-logo-colour
Sega Saturn Sega-saturn logo
Virtual Console
Media Floppy Disk [PC88][PC98][FM][MSX][X68K]
ROM Cartridge [SFC][MD]
Previous N/A
Next Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II
External Links
Official Page (PC-9801)
Official Page (PC-8801)
Official Page (MSX 2)
Official Page (Mega Drive)

Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes is a role-playing game developed by the Nihon Falcom Corporation. It is the sixth game in the Dragon Slayer line of games, and the first in the Legend of Heroes series.

It was originally released in 1989 for the NEC PC-8801. Within the next few years, it would also be ported to the TurboGrafx-16. The PC Engine version was released in the United States for the TurboGrafx-16; it would be the only game in the series released in the US until the PSP remake of The Legend of Heroes IV: A Tear of Vermillion.

In 1995, a version of the game was broadcast exclusively for Japanese markets via the Super Famicom's Satellaview subunit under the name BS Dragon Slayer Eiyu Densetsu.

In 1998, a remake of The Legend of Heroes was bundled with a remake of Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes II, and released for both the PlayStation and the Sega Saturn.


One night, the Kingdom of Farlalyne was invaded by a bunch of savage monsters. Despite the overwhelming odds, Farlalyne managed to prevail at the cost of its soldiers and the king. With no leader to rule, Baron Drax steps up in place of the young 6-year-old Prince Logan, who was too young to succeed the throne. For the young prince's safety, the prince was sent to the Town of Exile until his 16th birthday.

10 years later, the teenage Prince Logan was raised freely while working hard before his coronation in 2 months time.   However, the Town of Exile was attacked by monsters as Farlalyne was. Logan managed to escape and learned the truth behind the monster attacks were all Baron Drax's doing to usurp the throne. On a journey with new companions to meet, Logan's adventure begins to reclaim back the throne.


  • Logan - The 16-year-old prince of the Farlalyne Kingdom and main protagonist of the game.
  • Ethan - A 32-year-old monk who joins the resistance against Akudam. His real identity is Erion, the third crown prince of the Ranura Kingdom.
  • Markus - A 22-year-old man who specializes in fire magic.
  • Giles -  The 26-year-old grandson of the great pirate Gale, and 3rd generation to his name. He ran away from home to avoid taking up his grandfather's legacy.
  • Sonia - Aron's 20 year-old granddaughter.
  • Mica-  The 15-year old princess of the Soldis Kingdom, and Sirius fiancee.
  • Drax - Baron of Farlalyne, and the main antagonist.
  • Felicia - The queen of the Farlalyne Kingdom.
  • Elias - Sirius's foster parent and educator. He sacrificed himself for Logan to escape.
  • Aryn - Rais's older brother, and leader of the resistance.
  • Pom -  An adventurer.
  • Poward - A pirate captain who is friends with Giles.
  • Barbara -  An elderly woman who works at Ranura Kingdom's annual Dragon Festival.
  • Harry - An inventor.
  • Colin - An archaeologist who is actually the son of the great pirate Gale, Giles II.
  • Hans - President of the Moreston Republic.

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