As an autonomous state without an army, the Crossbell State Police Department mainly serve to maintain the city's peace. There is a great deal of political tension between pro-Empire and pro-Republic factions, numerous incidents of corruption, links between politicians and the Mafia as well as maneuvering by groups of foreigners. With the police unable to deal with the situation, the citizens have lost faith in them and turned to the popular Bracers Guild. In order to attempt to restore public trust in the police, the Special Support Section has recently been established.

Special Support Section (SSS)Edit

A brand-new division within the police that Lloyd and the others have been assigned to. In order to counter the popularity of the Bracers, the division is accepting any request from anyone looking for support. Within the police they are treated as career dead-ends and wannabe Bracers. Because of this, only the newest recruits are invited to become members.

Members of the CSPDEdit

Special Support SectionEdit

Division 1Edit

Other MembersEdit

Former Members of the CSPDEdit

  • Arios Maclaine: Transferred to Bracer after his wife died through unknown circumstances.

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