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Kanji クレア・リーヴェルト
Rōmaji Kurea Rīveruto
True Name
Alias(es) Icy Maiden (氷の乙女)
Age 24-25 (CS/CS2)
26 (CS3)
Date of Birth S.1180
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Hot Pink
Hair Color Sky Blue
Weapon Orbal Revolver
Orbment Water, Space
Affiliation Railway Military Police
Thors Military Academy (graudated)
Occupation Captain (CS1/2)
Major (CS3)
Piloted Units
Main Game
Trails of Cold Steel
Trails of Cold Steel II
Trails of Cold Steel III
Other Media
Voice Actor(s)
Train Military Police Crest.png

"リィンさん, “彼”との関係…… 今は無理に思い詰める必要はないと思います."
Rean, you probably don't have to think hard now regarding your connection with "him".
—Claire's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel III

I’m taking it upon myself to end this civil war myself one way or another.
—Claire's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel II

May I suggest then to leave the job to the RMP.
—Claire's intro quote, Trails of Cold Steel

Claire Rieveldt, otherwise known as the Icy Maiden, is one of the commissioned officers in the Railway Military Police in the Trails of Cold steel trilogy.


A young woman with long sky-blue hair ponytailed in a side-curly fashion. She appears in the standard TMP officers. Consists of a beret and a fully-clothed metallic-gray uniform (with a jean collar) from sleeves to the heels, and brown thigh-tall boots.


Despite being an elite military officer, she displays unparalleled kindness when giving advice to Class VII, but sometimes can be strict when warning them about getting involved with the political affairs between the conflicting factions.[1] Prior to her alias, she maintains normal composure whenever given bad glances by those who dislike her faction, and the superior her organization complies to. Those that include the provincial armies and the begrudging majority whose personal issues are prohibited by her superior, including Sara Valestein.

Character Bond

Character Profile

Her background unknown prior her graduation from Thors Military Academy, Claire Rieveldt is gifted with an unrivaled processive mind that is equivalent to that of an orbal arithmetic unit.[2] Her calculative capabilities with her brain earned her to be scouted by Chancellor Giliath Osborne, and rising to the position of Captain in the Railway Military Police.

Now known as the Icy Maiden for her composed character and ability to command the RMP troops throughout the railway network nationwide. Her loyalty to the Chancellor remains unwavered, until her encounter with fellow Thors underclassmen, Rean Schwarzer and Class VII. She then keeps crossing paths with Class VII's field studies and assisting them on occasions while gaining respect for Rean upon noticing a "familiar atmosphere" between him and her superior.[3]

After the latter failed to prevent Chancellor Osborne's assassination and the outbreak of the Erebonian Civil War, Claire continues to assist Rean and the Courageous faction outside the cruiser while taking the counteroffensives to recover the Imperial capital of Heimdallr. She was eventually promoted to Major for her efforts after the Civil War and command the RMP throughout the entire Empire, including the annexed Crossbell. Right after the establishment of Reaves II Branch Campus, Claire leaves to Leeves to deliver the military armored train, Derfflinger upon reuniting with Rean since the Northern Campaign.


  • Like Mueller Vander, she becomes a playable character during certain chapters in a single game.
  • She is the first Ironblood to support the protagonists.
  • All the Ironbloods (plus Chancellor) are somehow referenced from The Wizard of Oz. In Claire's case, she is probably referenced to both Dorothy and the Tinman combined.


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