Evoltuion! Acceleration
—Chara-Ani Limited Box Slogan

The EVOLUTION series are the remakes of the popular Kiseki game franchise following from the PSP versions. Each game upgraded with the following features, and other extra content never seen before.

New Features in CommonEdit

  • Full-arranged composited music BGMs
  • All characters have full-voice dialogue
  • High-Resolution Graphics (Characters and Visuals)
    • New Cut-ins, past CGs refined, evolved character visuals, enhanced resolution
  • Revised Game Balance
    • New hidden quests, mini games, quartz elements, field encounters, AT Bonuses
  • Data Import is compatible between games from previous sequels and demos.
    • Loading the saved data will give bonuses for each new game.
  • New Mode Functions
    • 360 degree view camera, auto-battle, customizable user-interface

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