Fc-evo battle log

The new battle log for all the EVO remakes of the Trails in the Sky trilogy

The following below belongs to the main page

  • Name (氏名): of registered bracer
  • Registered (所属支部) Name of branch applied/obtained license
  • Rank (ランク) Current Rank within guild regulations
  • Jobs Completed (依頼達成数) Number of quests completed
  • Earned BP (獲得BP) Total accumulation of bracer points earned

Battle Record (戦歴)Edit

  • Battles (総戦闘回数) Accumulative number of battles encountered
  • Victories (戦闘勝利回数) Accumulative number of victories occurred
  • Losses (戦闘不能回数) Accumulative number of defeats conducted
  • Fled (戦闘退却回数) Number of battles fled
  • Enemies (敵撃破数) Total number of enemies defeated
  • S-Breaks (Sブレイク発動回数) Number of S-Breaks activated
  • Advantages (奇襲・先制攻撃発生回数) Total party advantages conducted
  • Enemy Advantages (敵先制攻撃発生回数) Number of enemy advantages permitted
  • Retries (リトライ回数) Number of retries

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