Sorafc-pc bracer notebook

The Bracer Notebook in the Trails in the Sky (WIN-JAP) version)

The Bracer Notebook (ブレイサー手帳 Bureisaa Techoo?) is a main key item in Trails in the Sky trilogy. It serves as the bracer's personal ID, in which the game automatically tracks your current game record, listing all arts data, quests available and battle log.

Reading InstructionsEdit

  • Click the above tabs to see the complete list of available data within the game series.

Statistics and PrinciplesEdit

  1. Basic Principle - Bracers are an organization above the borders or nationality. Their duty is the peace and safety of the citizenry
  2. Protective Duty (Civilians) - If a civilian's life or freedoms are threatened, a breaker's duty is to ensure their safety.
  3. Non-interference (Nations) - Bracers have no authority against national entities or organizations recognized and authorized by them

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