Throughout the game, the player (alias the Bright siblings) will meet many bracers of different ranking and abilities while Estelle and Joshua will try to increase their own rank. Some of these notable bracers are listed as follows.

Notable BracersEdit

Estelle Bright

Estelle Bright is the main bracer and female lead character controlled in the first 2 installments

  • Estelle Bright - A tomboyish 16 years old girl who starts out becoming a Junior Bracer at the beginning of Trails in the Sky who becomes a Senior Bracer at the end of the game due to her getting all five recommendations from each region's guild in Liberl. She uses a Rod Staff in battle.
  • Joshua Bright - A calm kind 16 years old boy with a mysterious past who sets out as a Junior Bracer with Estelle and becomes a Senior Bracer for the same reason as Estelle. However his achievement doesn't last long when a certain supposed archaeologist reawakens his true memories. He uses 2 short swords in battle.
  • Scherazard Harvey - A 23 year-old C-Rank senior bracer who is Cassius Bright's apprentice and a good friend of Estelle, Schera is caring and intuitive. But not without her bad habits of drinking and hurting others while doing so. She is a player character and uses the whip as her weapon of choice. Her nickname among bracers is "The Silver Streak".
  • Agate Crosner - A mostly angry and grumpy C-Rank Senior Bracer with distaste towards amateur Junior Bracers like Estelle. He joined the guild after Cassius Bright set him on the right track while he was a delinquent. He is also a powerful player character, wielding a Great Sword as his weapon of choice. His nickname among bracers is the "Heavy Blade Agate".
  • Zane Vathek - A huge and tough martial artist. He is an A-Rank senior Bracer and good friend of Cassius Bright. He unlike many bracers seen in the first installment of Trails in the Sky is from the eastern kingdom called the Calvard Republic. He is an extremely tough and resilient character who uses his gauntlets that matches his martial arts. Likewise his nickname among bracers is "Zane the Immovable".
  • Kurt Nardin - Another senior bracer seen in the game. He was the person who sent Estelle and Joshua the Black Orbment before his memory was erased. He uses unique moves called "Illusionary Arts" and he uses a spear as his weapon of choice.
  • Carna - A senior bracer seen first in Chapter 2 of the game. She was ambushed by Masked Men while escorting the Matron and her orphans. Later she is seen and fought at the Grand Area in Grancel's tournament with her fellow colleagues. Her weapon of choice is a gun and she uses many support Artes.
  • Grant - Another senior bracer making a cameo in the first chapter. He is also fought at the Grand Area with his sword as the physical character. Later he, Kurt, Carna, and Anelace help in rescuing princess Klaudia and stopping Alan Richard's coup d' tat.
  • Anelace Elfead - Another senior Bracer who is seen and fought in the game alongside Kurt, Carna, and Grant. She has a love for cute things and she is skilled in a technique called the "8-Leaf Blitz".
  • Sara Valestein - An A rank Bracer who later left the Guild after its disbandment all across Erebonia. Later becomes the homeroom instructor of Class VII at the Thors Military Academy. Following the disbandment of the class, she returned to Bracer work. Formerly a member of the Northern Jaegers.


  • Cassius Bright - The father of Bright siblings who before being an S-Rank senior bracer was the commander of the Liberl Royal Army and who helped to end the Hundred Days War. He left the army after the death of his wife during the war. Being extremely powerful with excellent swordsman skills, he options the bo staff instead so he would only protect the people he loves.
  • Arios MacLaine - An A rank Bracer who was assigned to Crossbell with Estelle and Joshua in Zero no Kiseki. He is considered the most powerful A rank Bracer on the entire continent. It is later revealed in Ao no Kiseki that he is in fact an ally of the Crois family. As another expert swordsman of the Hachi Ittou Style, he possesses incredible power and speed that can fight on par with Leonhardt, and Cassius.

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